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Model M/52C Winchester Bolt Action .22 Rim-Fire Target Rifle and an ABSOLUTE STAR of an example. The ‘M’ denoting the Micro Motion Trigger.

28” (710mm) Heavy Target Barrel. Currently set up with a 14 1/8” (358mm) trigger Pull Length. This IS A HEAVY rifle tipping scales at a scary 12 Lbs 10 oz (5.725 Kg). Some of that will be the none standard finish to the stock but even so a LUMP in anyone’s hands. For SUPER ACCURATE shooting that is no bad feature. Once on target its not going to move. Previous owner swears he regularly hit sub half MOA at 100 yards and more! On a good day achieving ¼” (7mm) groups at that and beyond with ammunition it likes. I would have to try that for myself IF still even capable.

Certainly an ABSOLUTE STAR of a rifle in its day and from the serial number circa 1955. The stock design would also suggest the International Prone based on information at

Not an exact match to their example but no doubt variations were produced.

Extremely RARE and certainly HIGHLY COLLECTABLE / SOUGHT AFTER both back in the US as well as here. Very Likely Worldwide with anyone who KNOWS and APPRECIATES what they are looking at. Generally EXCELLENT condition throughout. However one GLARINGLY obvious none original feature is the refinished stock. Apparently no reason to do it other than he wanted to. The previous owner painted it black. Finish of choice? …. A vehicle under body protection paint! However, before you ‘shy away’ it HAS been done VERY well and actually DOES LOOK GOOD. So much so I may well do the same to a couple of stocks / rifles in the work shop.

Apparently not even the heaviest barrel available as there was an even bigger diameter / weight option. I think I would build a range around the rifle in that case! The gun comes with TWO Detachable 5 Round Magazines as well as a Single Shot Insert. There is a dedicated Winchester 52 EGW  20 MOA Picatiny / Weaver Scope Rail included for a Scope. A second Standard Dovetail Rail specially adapted to screw to the existing base holes to accept a night vision unit.

In addition there is also a hand-made sound moderator which is, in their own words, “Whisper Quiet”. A finishing end cap is also there for when the moderator section is not attached. Actually VERY well machined by hand and fully strippable. It adds circa. 9 ½” (240mm) when fitted.

Built in Flush Fixed Position Accessory Rail set into the bottom of the Forend. Height Adjustable Roll Over Cheek Piece along with one Stock Spacer fitted. Bipod Stud along with a Rear Height Adjustable third stabiliser. As such it can be set up as a Three Point Tripod near impossible to move off target.

In addition to everything listed the rifle would not be complete without the original Parker Hale Target Dioptre sight. Fore sight is there too.

FULLY Adjustable Trigger that is EASY to set up to suit your perfectly. The adjustment screws set just to the front of the trigger guard and before the Magazine housing slot.

This IS a piece of kit that WILL turn heads AND turn other target shooters a shade of Green with envy. The more I handle and look at it the more I actually like it. Check out prices the other side of the Atlantic …. If the UK Sterling scares you!

Happy to export too but DO bear in mind that is now probably circa £600 by the time it hits US soil. That said it still leaves a good saving / profit.

BARE Rifle £1299.99  ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED £1499.99