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Central Vision Stocked 12g Side by Side Boxlock Ejector Shotgun by Westley Richards & Co. London.

30” (762mm) Fixed Choke barrels with Improved and ½ restrictions along with standard British Game Gun 2 ½” (65mm) Chambers. Concave Tapering Rib with single front bead and Engraved makers name / details. Stock pull length is 14 3/8” (365mm) bringing the gun to 49 ½” (1180mm) overall. A Very easy to carry about 6 Lbs 10 ½ oz (3.023 Kg).

Action, Tang, Top Lever, Base Plate, Trigger Guard, Forend Iron and Catch ALL Profusely Hand Engraved. Makers Name set within an Ornate Border to each Face to the Bright Finished Action. It also features a Three Bite Lock Up, two at the bottom and the third part of the Top Lever. Bottom Plate and Trigger Guard retaining just about 100% of the original Blueing Finish. Flush inset and still unused Initials / Crest escutcheon to the bottom of the stock.

That with Fine 24 Lines Per Inch Hand Cut Chequering and Tear Drop Detail to each face. Highly Figured and Decorative Walnut with a Good Strong and Tight Straight Grain through the Straight Hand Grip. Good Colour Contrast with some Excellent Highlights and Beautiful Cross Grain Tiger Stripes, (though mainly to the right side). Trigger pull length is 14 3/8″ (365mm).

Barrel flats are detailed at 12 but with original bore measurements stamped .740 to both barrels. It must have been made like this, presumably to cut back on pressures / felt recoil. A .740 bore gauge just fits so little wear since going through Proof House .

However, there is a small area to the left barrel that has presumably been polished out at some point. This does drop from the 30,000 plus found everywhere else. It IS still within proof / recommended shooting parameters and more than enough for a standard 1 ounce (28g) game loads. NO you do not need any more WHEN ON TARGET. If you are not on target you can send a couple of pounds of shot out. Swiftly end up on your backside with a dislocated shoulder or worse and STILL miss!

There is more than enough shooting life left in the gun. Even for anyone lucky enough to do way over the national average. With reasonable game loads this will function perfectly well for many years to come.

Buffalo Horn Forend Tip and the original length stock finished off with Hand Cut Chequering to the butt.

A few very superficial and only light marks to the woodwork. I have seen a lot worse on guns taken out once or twice. These will easily lift with a little steam.

Anyone in need of this stock, who wants a TOP QUALITY 12 Gauge S/S this IS a little CRACKER. It IS also from one of the World’s Best known and Respected makers who are still in business today.

It came in with a Vintage Leather Leg of Mutton Carry Case which can stay with the gun. Sadly no makers Trade Label and the main carry strap is missing. Both COULD be remedied relatively easily but otherwise just a Nice Contemporary Vintage Piece to include.

I appreciate all the details above Ref. Walls etc. HOWEVER if you NEED this stock this IS far from expensive for what it is. Disagree and all I can suggest is you find out what new WILL cost and how long a wait.



As detailed this gun is set up to accommodate a shot with no dominant eye due to the off set / definite cast. Basically most people have one eye that is used more without realising it. This is what is termed your dominant eye. EASY to find out by simply pointing at a fixed object with your finger and both eyes open. Without moving your hand close one eye making a mental note of your finger to the chosen object. Then close that eye and open the other. Most will see a distinct movement away from the object with one or other eye. The eye that keeps the object aligned with your finger is your dominant eye. Generally if you are right handed then you will have right eye dominance too. Then everything shotgun shooting world ‘works’. Always assuming the gun fits reasonably to well and you can actually shoot.

However SOME people have the opposite eye dominant OR both equally matched. Shooting a shotgun can then get ‘interesting’. There ARE a number of options but traditionally the answer was to have a stock made to your specific requirements. Central Vision and even Total Cross Over Stocks were ‘born’. These keep the traditional and ‘purist’ shooting techniques valid. Though obviously require a HIGH level of Expert Craftsmanship and Skill to produce. Which also accrues the additional costs involved.