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WESTLEY RICHARDS 12g Side by Side Shotgun

This gun is in TRULY OUTSTANDING CONDITION. A Westley Richards 12g Side by Side Shotgun and JUST in time for someone to get hold of for this coming shooting season!

With a Highly figured and well grained 14 1/2″ stock and 29 1/2″ barrels, fixed at true cylinder and 3/4 chokes, this actually mounts and balances beautifully. (As you would expect from such a prestigious gun makers). For a gun of this era also a little unusually chambered in 2 3/4 (70mm).

Accompanying the gun there is also a copy of the original Westley Richards Gun Records Ledger as well as a Certificate of Authenticity signed by their Director and accompanying company letter. This details that the gun was originally supplied with slightly tighter chokes at modified and full so has, at some point been opened up. The original buyer was a Gentleman by the name of Mr. Stanley L. Beale Esquire. …… MAYBE a relative is alive and well who shoots today?!


Given the condition of the entire gun overall it has seen VERY little use over the years and is not far away from almost as new condition. This is certainly a top quality Boxlock shotgun that should give any future owner a large degree of pride and joy as well as many years of future use.

Shall I keep this one myself????? It IS tempting!

This IS ‘my best price’. If you do not wish to spend this amount then please look at other guns.