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RARE, OLD, VINTAGE and HIGHLY COLLECTABLE Tikka Model M55 Bolt Action Rifle in .308. THE most versatile calibre ever invented with bullet weights from circa 70g through to 220g.

YET ANOTHER Definite Candidate for my ‘SLEEPER’ Category. Those guns that see minimal use and are also WELL cared for since new. I can imagine this has spent 99% of its life so far sat in a cabinet.

Production of this model starts in 1968 running continually through to 1989. That alone speaks volumes as to just how good they are. It also gives a possible age of 33 to near enough 55 years old. The Large Bolt Knob suggests this is a later production version but whatever age it is in FANTASTIC condition regardless.

Any serious Tikka / Swedish gun collectors and this IS well worth consideration.

Another feature I can find no detail for with these rifles is this barrel is also Fluted. 4 in total positioned within the forend with 2 above and 2 below woodwork. Help with heat dissipation. The original Iron / Open ‘V’ Sights also still in place. Those examples I can find show a standard plain profile and also appear longer. At 40 ¼” (1020mm) Original Overall Length this is like a little / what I would term ‘Woodsman’. Short, Compact and easily manoeuvrable even in thick cover. Without comparing to another I also note the front Main Action Screw goes up at the front of the magazine housing. The rear going down from the top. A third locating and locking in place the actual trigger guard and spring loaded magazine catch. I like it when something is different so this actually appeals to me quite a bit.

Barrel itself measures 20 3/8” (518mm), Trigger pull is a straight 14” (355mm) and scales show 6 Lbs 11 oz (3.027 Kg). Detachable 3 round (possibly 4 ?) Magazine. Even the original manufacturers butt plate with Logo still there.

As detailed this HAS been extremely well looked after and cared for. Everything below the stock and out of immediate view is still all lovingly protected with a smear of grease. Ensuring no rust or deterioration out of sight.

It WOULD be nice and fitting to see this go to a serious collector. One who WILL not only enjoy ownership and look after it but actually use it too. Absolutely no reason why you can not do all three. Chequering is like it just got unpacked. A Very Nice Grain Pattern to Both Sides. Palm Swell to the grip for a right handed shot but the stock will work from either shoulder. No ‘priority’ cheek rest so ambidextrous. Standard Tikka Parallel Machined Dovetail to the top of the action too. It is also drilled and tapped to take alternative scope mounts if preferred.

In some ways it’s a shame this is not in some obscure semi-obsolete calibre to make it even more unusual. Then again, in .308 its GOOD for just about anything.

NO, NOT for anyone wanting a ‘beat up old workhorse Tikka’. I will have or can get other models / examples for FAR less money. This IS for a collector / someone wanting a RARE Rifle rather than ‘run of the mill’ flock following mentality.