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.243 Bolt Action Full Stock / Stutzen from Steyr Mannlicher.

20” (510mm) None Threaded barrel. A BONNY gun and in EXCELLENT condition. Chequering to the Maple Walnut Stock is still sharp, almost brand new. Overall length of 41 3/8” (1053) and a pull of 14 5/8” (373mm). Weight, as pictured, with this scope and mounts tips scales at 8 Lbs 11 oz. (3.935 Kg) complete.

The rifle has a Fully Adjustable Double Hair or Set Trigger. A superb asset once you know how to use them. OR RATHER (and more importantly) how to put it back to safe once it has been set. The usual Steyr Flush fitting Detachable Rotary Magazine with pivoting base plate. A quick release button to allow easy empty of all rounds straight out of the loading / ejector port. Superb Design and Engineering these are a joy to behold.


As detailed this comes complete with a Top Quality Bosch and Lomb BALVAR fixed 8x Rifle scope. The reticle has Fine Tapering Posts meeting to an even finer four way cross hair. Scope adjustment is built into the specially designed mounts. As such it will be best to keep the entire package of scope and mount together with the rifle. There is nothing stopping a standard scope being fitted and using its built in adjustments. The only point is that the extremely clean and unobstructed lines of this scope would obviously no longer be there.

This rifle comes to the shoulder EXTREMELY well. For me ALL of these rifles do. I actually shoot a .275 calibre in a ¾ stock and can only tell you it is a pure pleasure. Superb Quality in design as well as build. Little wonder they stopped production and engineering like this as it is a thing of the past. Today, new, a rifle of this quality should and would quite rightly be a small fortune. If you appreciate excellence I can only suggest you come and take a no obligation look at one. That said, doing so COULD prove dangerous as you WILL very likely then want one!

If you want to follow the flock this rifle is NOT for you.