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STALKER RIFLES .22 (5.5mm) Firearms Rated FAC Pre Charged Pneumatic PCP Air Rifle. When still in business these were all Made to Order upgrades of standard production air rifles. Mainly using either BSA (As this is) or Daystate as the base to improve and build from. HIGHLY Coveted and ALWAYS Sought after these days they have something of a Cult Following. Given they are no longer available they ARE CERTAINLY fast becoming, if not already, HIGHLY Collectable. For more history of the brand / builder there is plenty of information available on line. Simply search for STALKER AIR RIFLES and / or Adrian Hartley Air Rifles.

This particular example Looks to be an Upgraded BSA Super 10. Already a seriously well tried, tested and favourite platform amongst air rifle enthusiasts. With all of the Stalker Rifle Improvements now comes with a LONG 26 ¼” (665mm) barrel and ¾ Length Shroud. As such it SHOULD prove remarkably accurate at exceptionally longer ranges. The Extra Capacity barrel is evenly matched with the Extra Long Air Cylinder. Pull length of 13 ¾” (350mm) bringing in an overall measurement of 44 ¾” (1138 mm). Tips scales at 8 Lbs 4 ½ oz (3.758 Kg).

Pull actually measured to the INNER length of the Concave Butt Pad.

HIGHLY Decorative Walnut Thumbhole Stock for a Right Handed Shot only. The Roll Over Cheek Rest and Thumb Hole are no use from the left. Polished Brass Trigger Guard protecting the Fully Adjustable Match Grade Trigger. Height Adjustable Butt Plate for the Perfect Fit once a scope is chosen and mounted.

There are a few very minor blemishes but in reality the steam from not much than a cup of tea would easily lift these out.

This IS also back from a Complete Clean, Check over and Service FROM Simon at AGD (Air Gun Doctor). As such it SHOULD be good for several years, through the next decade. Even with regular use.

Output is currently producing Circa 27.555 Ft / Lbs with RWS Super Dome 14.5gr Pellets (925 ft/sec).

I COULD be tempted to keep this one myself so BE WARNED. If my local Licencing Dept were not THE WORST in the country at the minute I would actually put in for a variation. However, the last customer waited 10 ½ month’s for one so you DO have some time even if I do!

PLEASE bear in mind this price factors in the SERVICE costs too.