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.243 Calibre Bolt Action 202 Rifle from Sauer and CERTAINLY A BEAUTIFUL example. Timber quality is approaching EXCEPTIONAL and certainly I would estimate Grade 5 to 6.

The plain Blued finish Barrel is a full 23 ¾” (604mm) long and comes pre-threaded at 1/2″ x 28 TPI UNeF. Length of pull is 14 1/8” (358mm) bringing in an overall dimension of 44” dead (1117mm). Bare weight tips the scales at 8 Lbs 1 oz (3.656 Kg).

This is a right handed HIGHLY FIGURED, HIGHLY DECORATIVE Stock. A VERY PRETTY rifle indeed. It features a definite R/H Palm Swell to give an excellent and comfortable grip. Certainly something to make anyone smile every time you open the cabinet door never mind take it outside. They come with a vertical stack detachable magazine with after-market extra capacity options available.

Also an older model still fitted with the Tang mounted Push Button Safety. For those unfamiliar with this it passes vertically down into the trigger guard housing. As such it is extremely discreet and easy to operate with either hand. Push it down with your thumb to fire and back up with your trigger finger for safe. It comes fitted with a Single Set or Hair Trigger. Get used to using one and you WILL wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

There is one dent and another light ‘finger nail’ mark to the stock. I will see about lifting these as far as possible before it leaves. That said similar  things could happen the next time it goes out.

**** DON’T FORGET.****

These rifles have an interchangeable barrel system so they are relatively easy to swap calibres. I DO have some spare / replacement barrels and guns in several options. As such you CAN always swap things around and / or take a second or even third calibre. JUST as the gun was designed to cater for.

I have one myself in .308 with an additional two barrels in my cabinet.



Anyone new to Sauer manufacturing will not be disappointed with anything they produce. TOP QUALITY German design and engineering combine to give firearms second to none from any of the main stream producers. Classified as ‘take down’ rifles the stocks quickly detach for more compact, discreet and safer transport. The same barrels are also interchangeable between several different calibre options. Sauer guns are ALWAYS well thought of, sought after and very accurate. Certainly something for the shooter who wants that little bit ‘extra’. Something over and above the ‘run of the mill’ options usually chosen by the main flock.

I generally have a variety of scope mounts in stock offering a choice of tube diameter as well as height. With fixed position models through to high end Quick Detachable, Return to Zero options.

A standard example Elegance, WHEN  you could still buy one, lists out at circa. £4000 (not a lot less anyway).

I also have a clean Canvas and Leather trimmed Sauer Take Down Travel case available. Take it for this or any of the other Sauer rifles I have here for sale. Please ask / check to see it is still in stock and available if interested.