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TOP of their Range at the time, A Model 90 Sauer Elegance .270 Bolt Action Rifle. Purchased Brand new by its Single and Careful owner.

BEAUTIFUL Quality Rifles from a time when they were Hand Finished by true Craftsmen. Superbly Slick and Smooth Bolt with everything else in keeping with the same level of quality. A TRULY Classic Rifle in an equally Classic Calibre. There WAS a time when the .270 was THE ‘go to’ round and for GOOD reason. Said many times in the past and I will continue. I have yet to fire a calibre with the same level of performance and pure knock down power. You can shoot as big a deer as you can find over here with a 130 grain bullet. It will be lucky to take even a few steps. You could shoot the same / similar animal with something larger and heavier and it will still be moving 150 yards away.

TREMENDOUS stopping power and effect.

No real idea quite why they fell out of favour / off the radar. That said, they ARE once again slowly gaining a Well Deserved following and come back. Especially now when a sound moderator is so easily and readily available. There were only ever two issues with the calibre. They ARE noisy and they could also be quite severe with recoil. A moderator tames both at the same time whilst leaving down range performance exactly the same.

I am just waiting for a so called expert in the press to ‘re-discover’ this round.

All Original and you COULD say Yet Another Sleeper brought back into the light. Not quite though as the previous owner did enjoy a few but regular outings with it. Even so this is in REMARKABLE condition and obviously WELL cared for over the years. It has been used but nowhere even close to excessive, a lot or even much!

22 ½” (570mm) Unthreaded Barrel still retaining the original Open / Iron Sights. As said, this could be threaded for a moderator but many might consider that savagery on such a rifle. That said, IF they were still making them new today there is no doubt they would be factory done.

HIGHLY Figured, Well Contrasted and Decorative Walnut Stock with a pull length of 14 ¼” (362mm). That includes the original Sauer Recoil Pad. A Strong Straight Grain which runs all the way through the Right Handed Palm Swell to the Grip. Finished with a traditional Rosewood Forend Tip and Grip Cap. (With Sauer Logo inset).

Overall the bare rifle tips in at a comfortable 7 Lbs 14 oz (3.575 Kg) and 43 ¼” (1097mm) long.

Drop out Detachable Magazine. Tang Mounted Safety with Push Button Spring Release. Easy to operate and shoot from either shoulder. Front Sling position is a permanent fixture on the barrel itself too. There is little sign of ANY wear or tear to the metal or timber work. That is inside as well as out. I HAVE actually seen worse condition on a brand new gun.

You SELDOM see these rifle today. That is not because they are not out there. It IS generally because no one will part with the them once they try one.

BEAUTIFUL RIFLES. As simple an explanation as that.