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Model 80 Sauer Bolt Action Rifle in the UK favourite calibre .243. Getting on a little now but still considered by many amongst some of THE BEST Quality Production Rifles ever made.

22 ½” (545mm) Barrel set to a Stock Pull length of 14 ½”  (367mm). That brings the rifle in at 41 7/8” (1065mm) with a Bare Weight of 7 Lbs 11 oz (3.487 Kg).

A beautifully smooth and slick action and one of the first rifles with an interchangeable barrel system. Sadly they did not stick with the exact same design on the newer 200 and 202 models. As such spare barrels for these are sparce to say the least.

It also features a Single Set or Hair trigger. BEFORE you ‘run a mile’ the ONLY thing you have to know is how to disengage the trigger. Even then that is only needed IF the shot does not actually happen. It is ALWAYS a relatively simple act. OR adjust out of operation completely. Why is another question when they can and generally improve accuracy massively for a lot of people. Also a GREAT help on heavy recoil calibres but equally good on lighter options too. Get used to using one and you will want one on everything.

On this particular rifle you simply push the trigger forward to engage at the point of shot. If the target moves all you do is apply the Tang Mounted Shotgun style safety. Then gently return the trigger to its standard position. Alternatively you can also depress a small button on the bolt end of the handle. This allows the bolt to be opened even on safe so NO WAY can it go off. Again move the trigger to its normal fire position and start fresh all over again. SIMPLICITY in reality.

As detailed, the safety is tang mounted so good to use from either shoulder. The Strong and Straight Grained Stock features Very Good Colour contrast with Raised Cheek Piece for a right handed shot. Rosewood For-end Tip and Pistol Grip Cap. It also does mount equally well to the left shoulder so can easily work as ambidextrous.

Generally pretty clean throughout with only minor signs of wear so far. Little doubt this will still be shooting well 40 years and more from now with a little reasonable care.