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.264 Winchester Magnum Bolt Action Model L61R Sako Rifle dating to circa mid to late Summer 1966.

26 ½” (620mm) Barrel now threaded to 5/8 x 18 TPI UNF. Stock pull comes in at 14” (355mm) and offers up an overall length at 45” dead (1143mm). Scales register 7 Lbs 13 ½ oz (3.561 Kg).

Checking details on line with Sako production of this model began at the very end of January 1962. Production from totals completed divided by years made gives an average of circa 7800 per year. Simple mathematics puts a completion date for this rifle around 4 ½ years after the first / No 1.

Now, while I would not call or class this as a ‘Sleeper’ in the true sense. It is CERTAINLY Vintage and in a somewhat unusual calibre for Sako. It was a firm favourite with the world renowned Rifle maker David Lloyd of Pipewell. I also know he did work with Sako on ammunition and loadings etc. It may well be a case of them offering the chambering as a direct result?

As always, ANY genuine / ACCURATE information is always welcome.

Apparently only recently (2018 / 19) Winchester have once again started making their M70 rifles in the calibre. (Though NOT available here in the UK (as yet)).

The rifle itself is clean and tidy enough in reality. Especially considering its closer to 6 decades old than any other. Yes, the stock could / would benefit from  re-finish but there are only minor blemishes. Its more the original varnish finish that detracts the most. Add to that the original iron sights are removed and reasonably well refinished after a scope fitting. In reality, by the time a scope goes back on you will have to LOOK to see much. Last thing to detail is the slightly crushed butt pad at the top ¼. Pretty obvious the rifle has spent a LONG time stood in a cabinet right on this point. Stood with the entire pad touching it would still be 100%. There is nothing at all stopping it being used as it is. Equally replacement pads are readily available for modern models. They will not be far away if any from simply screwing into place. The Stock itself has a Good Strong Straight Grain running through the grip and features a Raised Cheek Rest.

A collectors piece? I only wish it was tidier and could SHOUT ‘definitely’.

That said, it still IS due to the calibre as well as age and model. However it would have been nicer (and  a LOT more money) had it been closer to / or immaculate.

Equally, even as it is, you are going to be HARD pressed to find another.