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Ruger Model 10/22 HOGUE Stocked .22 Rim Fire Semi-auto Rifle.

At some point almost anyone who shoots .22 WILL have shot one of these. Near ‘bomb proof’ as long as they are kept reasonably clean they are the ULTIMATE option for customisation too. America’s favourite semi auto .22 and millions made. The numbers of after-market accessories available is almost unlimited.

This is such an example now fitted with an ‘Easy Out’ Magazine release along with a Hogue Rubber Over-moulded Synthetic Stock. Stippled Anti Slip Grip areas and NOT a particularly cheap upgrade. Ruger / the UK importers never offer this option in a stock (I assume) because of the cost involved. However it DOES make for a GREAT felling and handling rifle in all-weather and all conditions.  A 19” (483mm) pre threaded barrel ½” UNF is ready to take a sound moderator of your choice. It retains the original open sights. Stock pull is at 13 ¾” (348mm) measuring to an overall length of 37 5/8” (950mm). No scope rail fitted but I will have one if required. This was apparently used just like this with the open sights (and very successfully). At around £400 plus new today for a basic Beech stocked option this offers a very reasonable saving considering the extras too. 5 Lbs 5 oz. (2.415Kg).

The standard and much loved Ruger 10 round rotary magazine just finishes these rifles off. Equally many like the 25 and even 50 round upgrade options. I generally have these available in stock too.