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Customised .22 Rim-Fire Ruger 10-22 Semi-Automatic Target / Varmint Rifle. After-Market Upgrades start with the 16 ¼” (412mm) Heavy Profile 7/8” (22mm) CLARK Stainless Steel Barrel. Pre-Screw Cut a UK Standard ½” x 20 UNF thread all ready for a Sound Moderator of your choice. PLENTY in stock to choose from too. Matching Stainless Steel Over-Sized Cocking Handle as well as the also over-sized ‘Easy Out’ Magazine release lever.

Guessing there IS also a full Trigger unit Upgrade fitted too. The small Adjuster screw through the Trigger Blade is a clue. That is there to stop any over pull on the trigger transferring to the muzzle. It should be set up to touch the inside of the guard immediately the firing pin is released. Just helps keep each shot moore controlled and a steadier rifle.

After everything else that’s been done it would seem silly not to have also done this upgrade too.

Everything is then dropped into and presented in a RIGID Black Fleck Pattern Bell and Carlson Stock. Looking on line they appear to be circa $280 over in America. Given, as a rule of thumb, we can basically double that figure by the time anything hits UK shores. As such another not inexpensive upgrade to finish things off. Pull measures at 14” (355mm) and gives and overall length at 34 ¾” (882mm). Weighs in as pictured at ¼ oz over 6 Lbs 6 oz (2.9 Kg).

This is actually in from another Registered Firearms Dealer and one of his own personal rifles. As with most we seldom get that much use from our own having so many others at our disposal. This is no exception. Some of the guns he brought in when retiring have NEVER been fired!

All in all a SERIOUSLY Nice little piece of kit. Very Likely EASILY suitable for serious Target work as well as equally serious Pest Control. APPARENTLY ‘STUPIDLY’ ACCURATE TOO.

Take a look direct for yourself at these barrels. This version sells for $400 direct from Clark in the US.

Fill in the spec table and you should come up with this: SKU: CLK-700SS-RD-16-STD Category: Ruger® 10/22® Parts

Not entirely sure how he even managed to get hands on the barrel. A quick look on line offers up no UK supply. NO DOUBT someone does import. Be interesting to see what cost these are here too!