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For a LONG time this is a calibre just waiting to be ‘re-discovered’ by shooting journalists, press and public. It WAS the ‘be all and end all’ round to take to Scotland, or anywhere else for that matter.                                             As one of the most ‘forgiving’ calibres available it has a capacity to simply DUMP energy. Somehow better than just about any other. If a shot was not quite as perfect as you would like, it seldom made any real difference. The target still went down very close to the point of impact. Do the same shot.  Under the same conditions. With a bigger, heavier bullet and it could still be moving 200 yards away!

There were only ever two real problems with the .270.                                    Recoil COULD be harsh. The other was always noise or ‘report’. Fire a rifle with a poorly designed stock that failed to transmit recoil correctly. It felt like you had just been punched in the face by a half way handy well grown fella! In addition, compared to other full bore rifles going ‘bang’ a .270 sounds like a cannon with a ‘BOOM’. Neither was that conducive in allowing or encouraging good shooting. Either could and did induce flinching in a lot.

Roll on 15 – 20 years and more.

Both issues are now easily solved. Anyone, everyone (even their dog) can have a sound moderator these days. Even a cheap one will do two things: Reduce the noise down to well below acceptable levels. At the same time seriously cut down the felt recoil. Neither having any effect at all on the bullets superb and breath taking knock down performance.

HAPPY to carry out threading and reduction in length if need be then crowning off to whatever preference you want. Buy the rifle here and that is at a reduced price. We also generally have a good selection of used and new sound moderators if needed too.

It is a Parker Hale model 1200 so their highest grade rifle with the Rosewood tip to the pistol grip and forend. The usual White inlay etc., Embossed Hinged Magazine Floor Plate and Gold washed Adjustable Trigger. Fox or Skip cut chequering to the grip areas and still retains the original iron / open sights. With a little attention would make a fine enough rifle. There is some light external distress to the finish toward the top and R/H front where I would guess it has been left damp a little too long but it is not a £3000 plus gun.  As it is, absolutely nothing wrong with it for a GREAT budget rifle to act as a spare / back up. No reason why not just an inexpensive first rifle for anyone with a limited budget in a calibre more than capable for anything wandering about in the British Isles. 23 3/4″ (603mm) UNTHREADED barrel. 14 3/4″ (348mm) stock length pull finishing at 44 3/8″ (1128mm) and 7Lbs 3oz (3.267Kg) overall

JUST A LITTLE NOTE. February 2020 and a PH 1200 stock ALONE, very similar to this, sold on Ebay for close to or slightly over £400!

I have to ask myself WHY I bother?!