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1200 TX ALMOST NEW Parker Hale 7.62 x 51 NATO Long Range Bolt Action Target Rifle. I WILL STATE this IS THE CLEANEST example I have had the pleasure of seeing let alone offering for sale. CERTAINLY one I am more than happy to include in my ‘SLEEPER’ Category for guns FINALLY re-surfacing. I do not recall ever seeing another in this condition inside as well as out.

I DID list one less than 3 months ago which is still here too. In that advert I said I doubted VERY MUCH IF I WOULD EVER FIND BETTER. Seems like I managed to out do myself and prove myself wrong. However, MORE than happy to do so in these circumstances. Admittedly neither are cheap. Equally neither are expensive for what they are and their condition. Both will very likely shoot as well as anything else out there in the right hands.

As such they both ARE, IN FACT, EXCELLENT VALUE and, in my opinion, actually an INVESTMENT. There ARE NO MORE being made and never will be again. It’s already a LONG TIME since they were. These rifles are only going to become even more collectable and sought after as time goes on.

26” (660mm) Heavy Match Grade Target Barrel. Stock Pull currently set at 13 7/8” (353mm) and that INCLUDES the 3 Original ½” (12.5mm) Extension Pieces showing. These are easily removed if need but DO keep hold of them if so. BETTER STILL I am happy to sort out any adjustment and simply leave what not needed here.


ALL is basically Flawless / Immaculate and As New Condition. Not a single blemish, dent, ding, scratch or mark to detail. Other than from a Hand Stop / Sling or Bi-pod adaptor fitted to the Flush Inset Target Accessory Rail. At some point someone has not bothered slackening the lock screw sufficiently and forced the thing along. Its nothing, other than caused a slight rub on the colour finish. Quite frankly if I did not point it out most people would likely not even notice.

Metal work:

In the exact same general near un-used condition inside as well as out. Matt ‘Parkerized’ Black finish with the Bolt Knob like new as is the rear Shroud. The main shaft with its original Gloss Black finish and approx. 98% intact. Even the Mauser copy Large Extractor Claw has near 100% of its Original Brown finish in place.

Pre-drilled REAR Action ring. Ready to accept the usual larger diameter screws used for a traditional Parker Hale TZ Target Dioptre sight. The Front Ring with standard scope mount base holes ready and original grub screws ready to remove. I DO have Authentic Parker Hale Bases ready to fit if option to use this scoped. I also have examples of the Original Dioptre Target sights here too. Happy to sort out a package deal with either or both etc. Muzzle is also tapped and blanked off ready for a dovetail base and Front Element Holder.

A Great Tightly Patterned Strong Straight Grained Beech (?) Stock bringing in an overall length of  46 5/8” (1185mm). Scales register a SOLID 10 lbs 5 ¼ oz (4.682 Kg). Get this aligned with the bull / target its going NOWHERE! Fully Adjustable Trigger Unit too.

As said, the Bore looks to be in as good a condition as everything else. I am happy to put a reasonable amount down that this will SHOOT. Every bit as well, possibly even better as something modern / brand new and 10 times the price. Its just not sat in a SILLY ‘Wanna Be’ Military Tactical Sniper Squad Stye Synthetic Stock. All camo patterned up with Cerakote finish and a pile of accessory rails and NOT needed accessories. All bringing in a weight that needs a quad bike to get about.

OH YES, A SINGLE Shot too. God forbid anyone has to do anything more than crank a bolt handle, pull back, push forward and lock down. As such you WILL have to simply place each round into the feed channel!


This is NOT a lot of money for 2024. If its too much for you I do have cheaper options. I consider this MORE than fare.