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Traditional (but FAR from common British Made) Single Barrel Folding ‘Poachers Gun’ in .410 calibre Shotgun from Modern Arms Co. 28” (710mm) Barrel which IS admittedly a bit pitted internally. Yes, a shame but sadly like most .410 shotguns of this era, before and after. Its like most people think ‘Oh its just a daft little .410…Ime not spending money on a cleaning rod and kit for that’. In their day they would tend to just get left behind the kitchen door too! The good news is that the walls were always thick enough to almost send an anti-tank round through. As such still more than good to go for MANY years to come.

Stock is full adult length of 14 ¾” (375mm) and brings in an overall of 43 3/8” (1103mm). As said though, this DOES fold in half to tuck under a coat / discretion. Weighs in at a very light weight 3 lbs 7 oz (1.565 Kg) so easily carried about all day.

Just a note: DON’T think that just because it’s a small bore it does not pack the exact same punch as any other shotgun. They DO. The ONLY real difference is the amount of shot that is sent out. Now, bear in mind you CAN throw a pound and a half of No6 out there. BUT if its not in the right place to intercept with the target it’s a pound and a half of lead GONE. Put the shot in the right place from this or any other small bore and what you are shooting at WILL drop.

Anyway, as said, this IS a British made gun so quite a rarity. The vast majority were made in Belgium with Liège Proof Stamps etc. This is not and has the barrel Fully stamped with British Proof Marks as well as MADE IN ENGLAND. The MODERN ARMS COMPANY.

Stock is relatively plain with a Strong Straight Grain and matching Straight Hand Grip. What chequering there is has seen little use at all. Still Very Clean it remains Sharp and Crisp to the touch. There is some very minor colour left to the action but in reality its all but gone. It now has what is generally termed a Very Nice Patina.

As detailed, the main selling point for this over and above the majority is the English manufacture.