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Over and Under Lincoln Single and Selective Trigger Boxlock Fixed Choke Ejector 12g Shotgun, Restricted at ¼ and ½.

30” (760mm) Barrels with 3” (75mm) Magnum Chambers and ½” (12mm) SPORTING Ventilated Sighting Rib. Twin Beads with smaller mid in Brass and the Front a Red High Viz.

Jointing ribs also vented to assist with faster barrel cooling when shooting clay / competition etc. Or on those illusive ‘Red Letter’ days on live quarry.

Fine Cut and still Well Defined Chequering to the Strong Straight Grain especially through the grip area. When you have this many Lines Per Inch any level of wear and use SOON shows. It does also have some decent Pattern and Colour Contrast to the rest with a 14 3/8” (365mm) Pull. That includes the ¾” (19mm) ‘Slip Pad’ Recoil Butt Pad. Apparently SPECIFICALLY designed to prevent and reduce the chance of snagging, catching or Drag as it mounts to the shoulder. It also has Minimal Cast so may well shoot from either shoulder. I will detail as Ambidextrous but as with any shotgun it does need physically trying to check ACTUAL fit.

A Bright and Plain Finished Action, and for this gun the Old Adage of Less IS More IS TRUE. At least for me as the plainness actually ‘lifts’ this a tread or two up the usual ladder. Just looks like a Nice, Clean looking Gun.

Semi-Heavy Forend Profile that will feel comfortable in a bigger hand. As said, a Single Selective Trigger so the option of Top or Bottom Barrel as first shot. That itself retains near 100% of its original Gold Wash finish. Yet another EARLY indicator for the amount of shooting done so far as this too soon wears away with use.

Not sure and no real clue as to exactly what model this is. I cannot find another currently listed with the same plain action. What I can see is the bulk of current offerings are nowhere close to finish as this. Wood to metal is far better and even the steel work to the action looks far superior quality. Could be wrong but if you don’t agree then simply buy one of them.

Overall the gun measures 47 5/8” (1210mm) and tips scales at 7 Lbs 13 oz (3.547 kg). A reasonable mid weight given ‘SPORTING so designed for Clay as well as Game PLUS Magnum capability. You do not want to be shooting those through a 6 Lbs S/S.