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An EARLY Prototype SMLE Sht Magazine Lee Enfield no1****. .303 Bolt Action Rifle by LSA (London Small Arms) dating to 1906.
Apparently LSA, Sparkbrook and BSA produced various options and models before The main Lee Enfield factory was built as the main hub of manufacture.
Happy to stand corrected / any ACCURATE information on these early rifles. I have little doubt there is plenty out there along with even more information.

(For a little HISTORY click the link. PLEASE also DO click on the ‘Contribution’ link (top right) AND ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTE). It’s a great source of as accurate information as you will find and it DOES need help to continue.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki London_Small_Arms_Co._Ltd

All Enfield Rifles are a part of history.
THIS example is part of the MAKING of that HISTORY. A prototype Short Magazine Lee Enfield Prototype and in Simply IMMACULATE condition. A SERIOUS Collectors Piece certainly but THIS WOULD and perhaps SHOULD belong in the National Armoury Museum. No idea if they actually have one but if not I AM pretty sure they would want it. However it is here and it is for sale to the first discerning, dedicated and enthusiastic collector who finds it.

Many unusual features to detail so READ ON:
Inward Arched, Hand Cut Chequered Topped, Front Sight Bead Side Protectors.
It even features Windage Adjustment.
Reasonably common but Always an Extra Nice feature Side Mounted Dial Volley Sight.
Take a SERIOUS look at the Rear Battle Sight. Graduated from 200 Yards right through to 2000 in 100 yard designations. AGAIN with Micrometre Windage Adjustment to the actual ‘V’ built in. Push Button Release Fast Slide Elevation with Hand Cut Chequering of the apparently (I AM INFORMED) Whale Bone grip buttons. No plastic around in 1906!
All protected by Again Hand Cut chequering topped shoulder that are actually ATTACHED to and part of the Rear Clip on Top Wood.
Magazine Cut Off. The perhaps the biggest and most easily obvious difference the SLIDING Magazine Charger Guide. This is attached to the Bolt Itself. Pulled fully back a corresponding charger clip slot aligns with its opposite in a fixed position in the action. Push forward to load and lock the bolt and it slides back over to allow operation.
Flip up Peep Sight mounted to the left side of the action along with the safety.
ALL fully stamped up with Military Crows Foot along with British Nitro Proof (BNP).
An original Brass Oil Bottle with correct Military Pull Through inside the Hinged Trap Door to the Brass Butt Plate.
Metal work is in FINE condition inside and out.

25 ¼” (642mm) Barrel set to a 13 3/8” (340mm) Stock. Overall the rifle measures 44 ½” (1130mm) including the bayonet stub. Tips the scales as pictured with its sling at a near enough 9 Lbs dead. (4.076 Kg).

Woodwork is all but IMMACULATE too. With one of the Prettiest Tiger Stripe Cross Grain Patterns I have ever seen on an Enfield. I DARE say this will shoot as good as it looks. Obviously EXTREMELY WELL cared for since it was first made 115 years ago. Certainly all previous owners ‘Pride and Joy’ in their respective cabinets.
Even if can’t hit the proverbial barn door with a rifle like this many simply wont actually care. It IS THAT Nice as well as THAT RARE and COLLECTABLE. The pure pleasure of simply firing a few rounds down range has potential to transport you back in time. Having the opportunity to fire an actual Historical piece that led to the NEVER to be forgotten British Lee Enfield Legacy.
In reality priceless in many ways. Certainly every bit as valuable AND MORE than any of the limited numbers of Enforcer’s out there. Even the very best example. At least I would consider so. Its highly possible this EXACT format is a one off, especially after so many years.

IF I EVER find another I will be a VERY HAPPY MAN!

A Very Similar Sparkbrook example dated the following year 1907 sold in Holts September 2021 Main Sale. Lot 1116. The hammer went down at £2800 with commission and VAT to add. Grand Total £3640. IF that was trade there would be profit to factor in on top.