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Box Lock 12G Over and Under Double and / OR Single Trigger Multi-Choke Ejector Shotgun from Laurona. All but BRAND NEW Condition.

28” (710mm) Multi-Choke barrels with 3” (75mm) Magnum Chambers. 3/16” (5mm) Ventilated Top Sight Rib with a single front bead. This is a lightweight version. The barrels jointed at the chambers lump along with approx. an inch or so at the muzzle only. Comes with a complete set of 5 chokes too. Pull length is a long 14 ¾” (375mm) finishing the gun at 45 1/8” (1145mm) overall. Scales tip in at a straight 7 Lbs dead (3.182 Kg).

Bright finished Action with Profuse Scroll Work Engraving surrounding a central cartouche of flowers. This to both side as well as the base though that is finished in Black along with the Trigger Guard. As detailed this is a DOUBLE TRIGGER shotgun BUT also works for both barrels on the front if preferred. As such the best of both worlds. If, like me, you find it difficult to swap from a traditional Twin Triggered S/S to a Single option O/U. I always seem to struggle for a while to revert back after using a single. Pointlessly trying to get a second shot away with the front trigger and then remembering too late. If you are the same this IS the answer to your prayers. Use both and swap between either style of shotgun. Shoot clays with this and swap out for the side by side once the game season opens.

HIGHLY decorative Stock, Especially for a budget end gun. A Good Strong and Straight Grain running right through with Excellent Colour Contrast throughout. Schnabel Forend and all Chequering still like New. Even the Top Lever stays well over to the right instead of resting centrally. It never takes much use for this to work into centre position. As such it confirms comments and details already showing. The gun is near enough Brand Spanking New.

NO, Certainly Not the cheapest option available. BUT …. JUST LOOK AT IT. If you don’t agree with the price then do, by all means, buy a cheaper option. Save a few £££ and then regret it.