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ERNST APEL Traditional QD (Quick Detachable) swing off and return to zero 1 inch / 26mm scope mounts.

HIGHEST quality 1 inch / 26mm scope rings and bases from Ernst Apel in Germany. Quick detachable and swing off action allows for the rapid and accurate removal and / or replacement of your rifle scope to accommodate whatever shooting style is required. With their ‘return to zero’ guarantee you can even swap over scopes if you have an additional set of rings fitted and all ready to change out.

These bases are to fit a standard Mauser 98 type action and 30mm as well as 34mm rings can be purchased and used too.

New circa £400 plus.


These and other small items of equipment detailed on the web site can range from easy to just about impossible to find.

BEFORE you fall over from the ‘shock’ PLEASE bear in mind the time it takes to source, clean, possibly repair or replace parts, prepare, label, photograph down load, cut, crop and make good images as well as everything else involved to actually detail them here for sale.

Prices generally go nowhere even close to covering this time, effort and expense (which is the reason you will see very few, if any, other dealers bothering with things like this).

I often say there are far too many places selling guns and not enough GUN SHOPS and I stand by that statement. The likes of listing things like this should convey I do this for the love of the sport and as a service to customers and DO expect to see a small return for the effort.

Prices not only reflect the condition of each item, good or not so good (in the odd case), but also the rarity as well as the WORK involved. I consider them all excellent value for what they are. If you do not then please don’t waste either of our time.

All I ask is that you bear these few factors in mind before asking about ‘best prices’ or discounts etc.

My ‘BEST’ prices would be PLUS an additional £200 so think before you ask!

Also please note that when I detail a measurement they are as close I can reasonably tell. Dovetails are measured at their WIDEST point on the base.

Last point to make is that it actually makes a lot more sense to invest in QUALITY scope mounts. If you have just spent a small fortune on a good scope you should also set it up to perform as best as is possible whilst at the same time not damage it. ALWAYS makes me smile but also ‘cry’ to see people with scopes costing well in excess of £1000 and nasty marks left to the tubes from nasty, cheap, ill-fitting mounts. My advice?…… DO NOT penny pinch on your mounts.


Finally, YES, you may well find the same or similar elsewhere. By all means if they offer a saving then purchase there but bear in mind what is listed is what IS AVAILABLE, ready to be sent and used to get your rifle set up and you shooting. We can all wait forever for the bargain to turn up on Ebay or somewhere.

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