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BEAUTIFUL CONDITION 12g Side by Side None Ejector Sliding Breach Shotgun from Darne in France. A little research would show this to be a Model R in Grade 14. (4 DARNE stamps to the barrel flats). The serial number being quite low and putting production a long way prior to 1910 when models changed. Apparently prefixed with letters after that date too. Plus this has the Single Piece Higher Grade Stock. Hard to believe given the condition this gun is in.

Barrels at 25 5/8” (650mm) with both fixed at ¼ and ¼ chokes and 2 ¾” (70mm) chambers. Joined with a sunken top rib only and finished with a fine ‘blade’ type front sight, similar to a rifle bead.

Highly Figured FULL length stock at 15” (380mm) with Extra Fine Hand Cut Chequering. Forend finished with a Buffalo Horn Tip reaching back along approx. 3” (75mm). The Butt Plate / extension could match or more likely Ebonite. Either way very nicely and professionally done. Overall the gun is still a relatively compact 42 5/8” (1077mm) and an Ultra-Light Weight 5 Lbs 9 ½ oz (2.543 Kg).

FULLY Hand Engraved Action with DEEP carved Facets or Shoulders. This carries on to the Trigger Guard as well as the Barrel Chambers. All numbers match on the gun too.


THERE ARE couple of SMALL patches of pitting under the forend. A shame but not seen when the gun is together. PLUS of no significant problem other than aesthetics and you know. The walls are between 90 and 100,000 in this area and the damage is not particularly deep. The rest of the barrels are excellent with bore marginally over .729. This plug will just slide in but a .734 will not pass the chambers. Minimum wall thickness anywhere is still over 30,000 too. Still PLENTY of shooting left in this gun regardless of how many days you are lucky enough to get out.

HIGHLY sought after by collectors and NEVER that many to be found. Even fewer in Higher Grade examples like this. It IS a WORK OF ART in itself both in looks as well as design and workmanship.

However, they ARE a ‘Marmite’ gun. You will either LOVE them and become fascinated or they will have ZERO appeal at all. Personally I like things a little away from ‘normal’ so they have appeal to me. This is also, IF anything, cast ever so slightly left handed. It does still mount well enough for me to the right shoulder too though.


One with a full refurbishment done at £1995:

THIS IS ALL ORIGINAL and very likely better barrels.