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Classic CZ  Model 550 Bolt Action Rifle in the Ever so Sweet to shoot calibre of 7×57. Basically exactly the same as John Rigby’s Favourite round of .275 which he made ‘his own’. The bulk of all rifles made there in this calibre. To the degree its accepted and known the World over as the .275 Rigby! Also known as the 7mm Mauser. Basically all one and the same but for THIS RIFLE you will need 7×57 or any combination on your FAC.

If you have not had the good fortune to fire this calibre you are missing out. It’s a delight to shoot on noise as well as the shoulder. For a 7mm round recoil is exceptionally light.

23 5/8” (600mm) Barrel and a Trigger Pull of 14 ¼” (360mm). Together they bring in a total of 44 ½” (1130mm) from muzzle to recoil pad. It weighs in at a straight 8 Lbs (3.620 Kg). GENERALLY Excellent Condition throughout. Especially for a gun that left the factory in 1997. Anyone born the same year? This would make a FINE birthday present to yourself. Informed this is also a single owner from Brand New and has been extremely well looked after. Regardless of that being 100% true or not. It even has the tiny grub screws fitted to the holes from the original open / iron sights. Not many bother with that level of care and attention to detail. Hogs Back Style Stock with a Strong Straight Grain and Decent to Good Colour Contrast. Chequering still reasonably Sharp and Crisp too. Nothing more than a couple of light blemishes to woodwork.

The Bolt knob itself is showing the original finish starting to wane but not much. The rest of the metal work appears near enough Brand New. In reality the fading original bolt knob finish is more likely down to sweat corrosion from the shooters hand. If not its fare to suggest there WOULD be other marks and similar discolouration elsewhere too. A quick touch up with a decent Gun Blue solution and no one would ever know.

Action fitted with a Single Fully Adjustable Set or Hair Trigger. Quite WHY most UK shooters do not like them is SAD. The ONLY thing you need to do is ensure you know how to engage and disengage it if / when required. Its NOT a difficult task. Benefits usually end up being the shooter increases their accuracy …. Sometimes by a LOT. Also features a Cocking Indicator positioned to the Rear Left Side of the Bolt.

As per images the gun comes with its Plaited Leather Sling. Just to let the team down it has the adjustment straps glued in place onto the main sling body. I was almost lost for words when I saw it. A neat bit of binding cotton, leather lace or even a rubber band would have done the job. That all said it is included Free Gratis so don’t complain. Cut it off and replace or simply use as is. CHECK Out the cost of new today and you should realise this is WELL worth this asking price. A BARGAIN at half as much again.