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Original GX1 Bolt Action .22 Rim Fire Match Grade Target Rifle from Carl Walther.

The model detail stamped just below the Serial Number.

25 ½” (647mm) Match Grade Target Weight Barrel. The DELUXE version so FULLY adjustable Butt currently operating between approx. 12 ¾” (325mm) to 14 ¼” (363mm) pull length. There is also further adjustment available via the movable trigger. Overall MAX length is circa 44 ¾” (1137mm). Depends on just how far you want to ‘push’ adjustments to. As pictured the rifle weighs in to near enough a straight 12 Lbs (5.443 Kg).

Cheek Rest is Micro Adjustable for height with lock off nuts to keep it set exactly in place. A ‘square cut’ Chequering Aluminium Butt Plate to eliminate any unwanted slippage. That Adjustable in any and all directions. It will slide up or down. Cant to the left or right in the vertical plane. You can ‘twist’ it to left or right at the top and or bottom (looking directly from the back). Basically if you cant set this stock up to fit you PERFECTLY then you’re not human!

No Palm Rest or Butt Hook (as so often the case). There MUST be thousands sat in cupboards / cabinets / garage / shed drawers or simply got thrown out over the years.

The Butt Hook no huge issue as the hole and locking grub screw are still in place. A piece of 10mm steel rod bent to suit will slide straight in and done.

True Right Handed Walnut Thumbhole stock showing some Very Good Tiger Stripe Highlights. Stippled Grip Areas to prevent slip. Obviously a High Grade Fully Adjustable Match Quality Trigger. Standard Flush Fitting Accessory Rail to the Forend. The action with factory machined dovetail to the top too. All set and ready to accept standard width scope rings in whatever diameter or height required. OR a set of original Dioptre Target sights. The RADIALLY Crowned muzzle also fitted with a matching dovetail, ready for a suitable front element holder. Action is also Fully Bedded to offer the ultimate possible accuracy.

I AM near enough 100% CERTAIN this rifle is still capable of out shooting the vast majority of people. Its also at a FRACTION of what the same / equivalent gun would cost today.

This IS a rifle for one of the few who like to show the BIG money spenders. Look what I can do with something that cost a 6th or 7th of what yours did!

I have a special place for those of you still out there!

OUT OF INTEREST this is date stamped to 1989 production. In reality EXCEPTIONAL given now 45 years old. Anyone born the same year it would make a GREAT ‘companion’ to start and even continue a Target Shooting passion.