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An OPPORTUNITY !….thats as fair as I can be with this rifle. Certainly far from common. Definately a very fine weapon and possibly a ‘one off’ in the caliber and condition.
Chambered in 9.3 x 62 this isnt that far removed from the European equivalent of a .375 H&H. At perhaps 10% less performance but MUCH sweeter to actually fire and shoot this is a rifle more than suitable for use on anything from Deer in the UK, Driven game throughout Europe, Moose in Scandinavia or Alaska and even on Safari !
The entire rifle oozes quality. The Rifle IS actually built on a Sauer 90 action which speeks for itself with a wonderfully smooth and slick bolt throw. Hand finished and FULLY HAND ENGRAVED with scroll….. as is the top of the chamber….. and the open / iron sights… front and rear…. and magazine floor plate / trigger guard…. and … just for good measure the floor of the detachable magazine too. Even the Rosewood cap to the pistol grip is inlaid with a Crown and ( I assume ) a ‘D’ for Danish ( possible ) Royalty ? Also comes with a tang safety so easily used by a left handed shot too.
Looking at general condition it would not surprise me if this is actually un fired and has just been admired for the piece of art it is. If it has been used its been for a single trip for a specific target and no more.
Even the Muzzle has been ported, admitedly ‘loaded’ toward helping a right handed shot.
ITS JUST A VERY FINE PIECE OF RIFLE CRAFTSMANSHIP and one more from my ‘ Sleepers cabinet ‘ … I just love finding these older riflesinsuch pristine condition asI know there are other sportmen out there who also appreciate just what quality and workmanship these weapons represent. CERTAINLY an investment, very possibly a collectors piece but all the time a rifle that can and should be used and enjoyed as it ticks all three criteria.