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.22 Winchester Magnum Rim-Fire (WMR) Semi-Automatic ZKM611 Rifle from BRNO Arms. Factory Original 20 ½” (520mm) Barrel Still Retaining its Open / Iron Sights. Even the front sight bead cover / shroud is still in place. NO, not screw cut but SO WHAT? In reality this calibre is not that noisy. I shoot one myself and never bother with a moderator.

Stock pull measures to 14 ½” (368mm) and the Rifle overall takes up 38 7/8” (987mm) of space. This gun weighs in a fraction off a straight 6 lbs DEAD (2.712 Kg). Strange given I have the exact same rifle in stock at the same time and that is several ounces heavier. Certainly more than I would give possible difference in timber credit for.

YES, YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS IF YOU HAVE AN ALLOCATION FOR A .22 RIM-FIRE ON YOUR CERTIFICATE. This is STILL a Rim-Fire simply a Magnum version. You need NO ‘special’ calibre detailed.

These Rifles ARE built like the proverbial Brick ‘Outhouse’. ….. Or something similar. However we do need to keep things none offensive for those out there with a delicate disposition. They ARE what MANY (Including myself) consider to be THE BEST / Ultimate Semi-Automatic for this FANTASTIC calibre.

Do bear I mind the following: A .22 WMR 100 yards away still has the Velocity AND Energy of a standard rim-fire at POINT BLANK. That’s a LOT of performance for up to 9 shots as fast as you can aim and squeeze. (8 shot mag with 1 in the chamber ready to go). They have been around for a LONG time and will, NO DOUBT, be around for even longer again. Bring on all the little ‘newbies’ you want but this DOES take some beating in competent hands.

Also EXTREMELY Simple and Easy to strip down for maintenance and / or cleaning. YES, ANY Semi-Automatic gun DOES need reasonable care to keep functioning smoothly. Undo the Large Screw to the rear of the action on its left side and the gun splits in two. Allowing FULL and EASY access to the Trigger and Action Mechanism as well as the barrel. Its about as EASY as its possible to be. Not quite as easy as a Browning S/A .22 but Extremely close.

Top of the action is also Factory Machined with a Dovetail ready for Scope mounting. It IS BEST to actually sort out a set of rings the correct width too. Safety is a Cross Action type and positioned within the Trigger Guard. Not certain but I also suspect these CAN be swapped over for Left Handed operation. That said its 100% easy enough as it is from either shoulder anyway. Stock has some Nice Grain and Pattern with no real cast so detailing the gun as Ambidextrous too. The ONLY possible issue is spent cases flying out the same side of the action as a ‘Lefty’s’ face etc. If you can’t live / work with that then go for a bolt action.

If interested this dates back to a production date from 1993. (Exactly the same as the other in stock at the time of listing). It’s a Testament to the Build Quality and Design that they still work flawlessly after 30 years plus. GREAT RIFLES.