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CLASSIC .22 Hornet Bolt Action Model Fox Rifle from BRNO. Original 23 5/8” (600mm) Barrel Screw Cut a standard ½” x 20 UNF. Plenty of suitable sound moderators generally in stock and ready to fit too. A lighter than usually coloured 14” (355mm) stock. This may well be a Maple Walnut and has a Good Strong Straight Grain. Chequering is still almost sharp to the touch and the usual Rosewood Mahogany Forend Tip and Grip Cap. Raised cheek rest too for ‘ultimate comfort’.

Overall the length measures 42” (1067mm) and a bare weight of 6 Lbs 4 oz (2.830 Kg).

This is the Deluxe version with a Double ‘SET’ Trigger. NOTHING to be worried or afraid of. You can either use it and see your accuracy improve or don’t. They can be adjusted out of operation easily but I ALWAYS suggest giving it a try. Once people do they wonder why all rifles do not come like this. THE ONLY thing you need to do is learn how to return it to SAFE once set. That is always easy enough too. They are all different between rifles but they ARE all EASY. As said, those that make the effort generally see improvements in group and results in the field. Come in and I am happy to show you.

The rifle itself dates to 1985 manufacture so for a near enough 40 year old gun its in exceptional condition. If you share the same birth year its here to treat yourself with as an early 40th present. It came in with several others all from the same fella. Quite frankly he must have had a ‘thing’ for car body filler! …. On THIS rifle take a look at the Bolt knob. The original and usual Deliciously thin ‘Flat’ profile Butter Knife handle is still there but now a round ball. YES, car body filler and painted black. OK, makes sure of a positive pick up and use etc. Plus he did have a damaged right hand which may explain things. It’s a small thing and realistically easily solved. A half decent tap with a hammer and the lot will very likely simply fall off. That said nothing actually wrong using it as is. As said, it does offer up an EASY and very positive grip so…

Metal work inside and out is as clean as the woodwork. As such its clear to see the rifle has not done much since new and has been well looked after. Thankfully the calibre is also seeing something of a resurgence and come back. Its about time as they ARE SUPERB. I’ve had a Hornet for just about ever. Certainly too any years to remember and will keep it till Ime in my box!