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BRNO ZKK 602 Bolt Action .375 Holland and Holland Safari Rifle Date Stamped for a 1970 production. For a rifle over 5o years old this is yet another little GEM. Also well inside what enthusiasts, fans and collectors consider the companies ‘Golden Years’ of manufacture.

25” (635mm) Sighted Barrel with Traditional Safari Style Soldered Ring Front Sling Point. The back ‘V’ open sight with fixed position and the option of two Folding Flip Up / Down Leaves. 100, 200 and 300 yard / meter settings WITH Windage Adjustment too.

The Action has the usual Built In Spring Loaded Pop Up Peep Sight set into the Rear Bridge. Along with Dovetail and Over Sized Recoil Recess all machined ready to accept matching Scope Mounts. As expected and hoped a Full Length Mauser Style Claw so Controlled Feed and Extraction. The last thing you want is a missed or dropped case when re-loading. It may very well prove to be the last thing you do! Hinged Floor Plate Magazine, another good feature for a rifle like this. At least you will hear and hopefully feel cartridges falling out if the floor plate catch gets caught / fails. A detachable magazine can easily slide out and be missed. Another potentially SERIOUS problem should a follow up shot be needed. The VERY LAST thing you need is an empty chamber.

The trigger is currently set to quite a light pull for such a heavy calibre so may need adjustment. Equally a lighter trigger does tend to improve accuracy so…

14 ½” (370mm) Highly Decorative Strong Straight Grained Maple Walnut Stock with EXCELLENT Cross Grain Tiger Stripe Highlights. Unusually they also run the entire length of the stock too. Not a common find.  All as original spec. other than what appears to be an after-market / replaced ¾” (19mm) High Absorbance Recoil Pad.

Overall the rifle tips in at a very handy 9 Lbs 2 oz (4.133 Kg) and 46 ½” (1180mm) long.

All in all a Rather Nice and Extremely Bonny Rifle considering a standard production piece and not a bespoke build. Generally Excellent condition throughout too. This will make anyone an inexpensive but still Superb Quality Rifle. Take it to Africa or ANYWHERE else with suitable quarry and it WILL turn heads. It will also do whatever is asked too.