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These Breda Semi-Automatic 12g shotguns were always a firm favourite amongst Wild Fowlers as well as pigeon shooters for many years and basically for GOOD REASON. They are actually SUPERBLY well-made guns and from a well-respected and long established Italian manufacturer. The engineering is top quality (if ever you strip one down completely and take a look) and easily comparable to anything else available out there then as well as now. For a good while no one was importing these great shotguns but a year or two previously that all changed and they are once again readily available. However, take a look at current prices for a new one and you will see they are a long way from cheap but they are also still extremely well made.

The multi chokes on these older guns are external and extend the barrel by varying amounts dependent on what restriction.  Cylinder is short in length and full choke approx. 3” long. Chamber is a standard 2 ¾” (70mm).

They are now being imported again though new guns are a lot more modern.

This is generally pretty tidy condition throughout and I do have an array of spares on stock. With a nice short 24 ½” barrel this could well prove handy in a pigeon hide situation where a long gun is sometimes a hindrance getting caught up in the hide and / or undergrowth etc. Stock comes in at 14” pull and the woodwork is in reasonable condition for its age. Original varnish finish is now flaking off easily and would take minimal effort to strip completely and refinish. It WOULD actually make a great ‘project’ gun for someone to bring back into as good a condition as possible with readily available refinishing kits.