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RARE 3” (75mm) Magnum Chambered Breda 12g Semi-Automatic Shotgun.

Quite unusual example for one of these older guns. Taking account of the serial number, this (I would conclude) is one of the newest versions of this older style

Wild Fowling favourite. Also a Firm Top Ranking Gun for Pigeon shooters or anything else. From a bit of rough / walked up through to any and all vermin control as well as game shooting. Clay pigeon too as just a TRULY GREAT all round gun back then and still now.

They were SO POPULAR because they are SO WELL made. Take one apart to give it a complete clean / service and it makes most of the modern day offerings look exactly like the cheap things MOST are. Not had a new example in as yet so cannot take a look. However they are far from inexpensive options but no doubt very good too.

OK, Modern day gas systems DO come into their own for reducing recoil etc. As well as helping to cycle the next cartridge. Even so these older style spring recoil system guns still hold their own for many shooters.

This comes with a 28 1/2”(723mm) bare length multi choke barrel. Bear in mind that chokes for these guns screw onto the outside of the barrel. Depending on restriction add various length. Cylinder adds perhaps ¾” (20mm) whilst Full choke extends the barrel by approx. 3” (75mm). You get your choice of ONE from any I have readily available in stock. After that I can organise any additional to full sets. Even Colour Finished, Extended and / or Ported. Tips scales at a Solid 8 Lbs 1 oz (3.659 Kg) and O/A length at 48 7/8” (1240mm).

From memory I think the safety can also be swapped over to suit a left handed shot too? Finishing things off is the 14” (355mm) pull stock. Still sporting its original hard plastic but plate with Company logo. All in all quite a tidy example of one of these GREAT shotguns. In truth it’s a little bit of a shame the ‘Tiger strip’ in the stock stops short of showing right down as well as both sides and there are a few marks / scratches to the original varnish finish but no major dents or dings to make mention of.

It is actually quite a nice and rare 3” example.



THERE ARE more and more None Toxic Shot alternatives being produced. WITH near matching performances to traditional lead and close to, if not matching pressures. Take a look at Horton Gunmakers for their own entry into this debacle of modern day shooting. IF its so lethally deadly to shooters and game eaters how is it every old lead water main supply pipe is not getting ripped out and replaced? To my mind it’s a DISGRACE that the shooting industry did not simply ask that one simple question. NO, they saw an excuse to charge a fortune and that mainly to the detriment of the quarry. Just my opinion …..for what its worth?

Anyway, take a look for yourself:

NOW, to TRY and help speed up availability I WILL also suggest that YOU pass on details to everyone you know who shoots. Then ALL of us start to ask whoever we buy from why they are not DEMANDING cartridges made in this material? Basically VOTE with your WALLET. YES, it will take a little time for everything to filter through but patience IS a virtue. It also allows everyone who wants to keep hold of their ‘old favourite’ for the rest of their lives. Even pass it on to the next generation and hopefully beyond!

On that note I AM looking into the possibility of stocking some direct from Steve at Hortons.                                                     RING for an update and keep checking the web site.