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What appears to be an older AL390 version Beretta ‘SPECIAL TRAP’ 12G Semi-Automatic Shotgun. It’s on the National Register as a Beretta and IS detailed as such to the 27 ¾” (705mm) barrel. The forend also features the Brand’s ‘PB’ logo on the Action Slide Release button but that is it. Nothing detailed to the action itself. Its not a gun I have come across in the past. Certainly with a spec. as above but anyone with more information / actual knowledge and I am happy to listen. Also note the shape to the rear of the action as newer versions changed to an arch profile. At time of listing I also have a 303 in stock and most of everything looks to be interchangeable or at least VERY similar.

The stock is a Very Pretty example. A Strong Straight Grain with a Mass of Fine Cross Pattern Highlights and a pull of 13 7/8” (353mm). Finished with what appears to be a Buffalo Horn Grip Cap and a Pachmyer ‘Old English’ Recoil Pad. Barrel is fixed choke at Full with a standard 2 ¾ (70mm) Chamber. (You REALLY do NOT need anything bigger. If you can’t shoot what you want with that you’re not going to do any better with a magnum).

As detailed the ‘PB’ button to the forend actually locks the action slide open. Simply pull it back and push the button in. Load a cartridge then take up the spring pressure while depressing the button and release to let the slide close. There is also the more usual side positioned release too. This is also an extremely solid gun with what feels like a Solid Steel Action Housing (but zero detail anywhere externally). It weighs in at a fare old 8 Lbs 12 oz (3.965 Kg) so a somewhat exceptionally heavy gun when compared to a modern day semi. (The standard 303 tips in a full 1 ½ Lbs (665g) lighter. However this WILL be GREAT for keeping felt recoil to a minimum. Overall the gun measures to 47 ¾” (1212mm).