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Reasonably ‘local’ and far from common 20G Side by Side None Ejector from Armstrong and Son, Newcastle on Tyne. This is a sleeved gun. But in the words of those classic and much loved comedians Eric Morecambe to Ernie Wise: ‘Its very good, you can’t even see the join’! To those out there old enough to recall these two it should raise a small smile.

Barrels are a standard 28” (710mm) with a Concave Rib, engraved with makers name and city. Armstrong and Son also detailed to each side of the Action. That covered in Hand Engraved Scroll work Pattern.

A good long original 14 ½” (370mm) Stock pull bringing in an overall length of 44 3/8” (1128mm). Here’s the beauty of it as scales tip out at only 6 Lbs 1 ½ oz (2.760 Kg). Carry this about ALL DAY and still have full function of your elbow when putting it away….

The stock itself has some excellent grain pattern and contrast but chequering is worn. Had it not been sleeved I would have the woodwork refinished. Also charged a lot more for the gun than the cost involved in doing so. I STILL MIGHT but in the meantime its an opportunity for someone to jump in and grab a bargain. Try the gun and find out if it works well for you as it is. Then decide if its something to put that investment into and end up with something worth a decent return more. As said, Armstrong guns ARE well thought of and not common in any calibre. 20 Bore examples are few and FAR between.

As to it being sleeved and a none ejector, SO WHAT?

WOW! OK, YES, Quite WHY everyone thinks they want or needs one confuses me. Sat in a hide? Generally you set it up with a good background of a nice thick Holly or Hawthorne bush. Have a ‘red letter’ day and go through several boxes of cartridges. Get your 100 plus birds. FANTASTIC! A GREAT DAY! WELL DONE YOU! Then spend the next two hours trying to pick your cartridge cases up that have been ejecting so beautifully. ….Straight into that thick SPIKEY bush that hid you so well. Go home looking like you went three 10 minute rounds with two wildcats (4 or 2 legged variety) in a cloth sack.                                                                                                                                                    A day on a driven shoot? Are you lucky enough to have that many birds coming over AND someone to gather up your mess after each drive? If so then an ejector MIGHT be justified. Even on walked up they are nothing more than a distraction!

Even shooting clays the vast majority of people call pull. They mount the gun. They take their shots. THEN they put their hand over the action as it breaks to stop the ejectors ejecting the spent cases! Pull the cases out and drop them into a bin or pocket.

Sleeving a gun basically puts two BRAND NEW barrels onto it. Back to full wall thickness and ready to continue shooting for the next 3 plus generations. From a shooting perspective it’s a brand new gun. Also, out of interest, check on the cost of getting a gun done these days. In REALITY any sleeved shotgun done even reasonably well SHOULD be at least £1500 more than anything similar with just about worn out original tubes. I know that is not how it works but it SHOULD.