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Classic and Always Well Sought after Model M595 Tikka Bolt Action Rifle in America’s FAVOURITE .30-06.

23 5/8” (600mm) Original Un-threaded Semi Heavy / Varmint Weight Un-sighted Barrel. Stock pull is a straight 14” (355mm) to give an overall length of 44” dead (1120mm). Scales tip in at a sensible for calibre weight of 8 Lbs 12 ½ oz (3.982 Kg).

America’s answer to ‘gassing up’ a standard .308. Leaving it far less versatile but with higher energy retention on a longer range shot. Extended detachable Magazine and ALL in FINE Condition throughout. Especially considering the age.

However I suspect this has done absolutely minimal work since new. Not only advised as much but it arrived in with BOTH scope bases loose. (Screw on Weaver / Picatinny Rail options). Instead of spending a little more and buying the manufacturers own Opti-Lock Branded mounts. NO WAY this was EVER going to produce even a remotely acceptable group on a range or anywhere else!

I did TRY to offer sorting it out but all faith in the rifle was lost a long time ago.

In reality a FINE example with the chequering still clean and crisp all round. Semi-Beavertail For-end to house the heavier profile barrel and not drop any strength or rigidity. The only real blemish to detail is a row of small dings to the top of the butt. Quite exactly how I have no even remote idea. They are there but unless you look for them they do not particularly ‘jump out’.

A Great Calibre in an equally Great Condition Pre-used rifle. It WILL make someone a FINE addition to their gun cabinet and be especially useful on longer range bigger deer. No, not inexpensive for a pre-used Tikka but it IS worth the money. If you don’t agree that’s fine. Many people consider the older models FAR superior to what is available today and I do have to agree.