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VERY Traditional Full Stocked Stutzen Sporting Stalking Rifle in the equally traditional Steyr Mannlicher Schoenauer calibre, 6.5x54mm.

Another in the ‘Marmite’ category as people either fall in love with them or can never see the appeal. That said, I have yet to find a Stutzen rifle that does not mount to the shoulder beautifully. The balance and handling are just so much better than most standard ¾ length stocked rifles.

Admittedly some way from pristine but this is priced accordingly and competitively for one of these beautiful rifles. The stock does have some decent grain and pattern but would certainly look far better re-finished. Metal work would also benefit but as it is the rifle is simply a 100% ‘honest’ gun. Still below fare wear and tear for the age it will be.

17 5/8” (450mm) barrel with the original open iron or ‘V’ sights still in place. Fixed rear for 100 yards and a flip up folding set for 300 yards. Stock pull at 14 ½” (368mm). That brings in the overall length as pictured to 39 ¼” (996mm) and a dead 7 Lbs (3 199 Kg) weight.

Traditional twin / double set or hair trigger. Fully adjustable and what can be a SUPERB feature for accuracy. Something to enjoy and not be afraid of. LEARN how to put the trigger back onto a standard setting / make the rifle safe. Do that SIMPLE thing and you will wonder how you ever managed without one.

Usual hinged storage plate set into the steel butt plate in this instance housing an original 3 piece cleaning rod. Original flag safety to the back of the bolt. The action has originally been fitted with Quick Detachable Claw Mounts. The front original dovetail fitting still present and now with a side action bracket to take matching rings. It is possible I may have some in inch / 26mm on another rifle that will swap out if, as and when.

Integral Rotary Magazine with quick release button for unloading. Or the whole lot drops out by rotating the floor plate after depressing the locking pin.

I DO ALSO  have good stock of old ammunition for these rifles too.



I actually shoot one of these rifles myself in .275 and they are a ‘delight’. The engineering and design is SUPERB. I have yet to find anything I would consider to be better.

A TRUE CLASSIC that are becoming harder and harder to find in any condition let alone as clean as this. They are also getting more and more expensive to buy even IF you can find one. The rotary magazine found on these rifles offer flawless feed. They have a quick unload button or can easily remove by depressing a small catch and rotating the floor plate.