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May well be an older Sauer Model 200 Bolt Action Rifle in .270 but still in GREAT condition. This is one of the original versions with the action stamped up to detail Sig Sauer. As with all of these models the barrel is inter-changeable. With a great selection of calibres they are one of the most versatile rifles available. For a Grade one model the woodwork has a pretty reasonably well grained and patterned stock. Pull length measuring up to 14 ½” inc. the rubber recoil pad.

I shoot one myself and actually much prefer the original design over the new models. I like and prefer the older style safety operation with the verticaly mounted slide located within the trigger guard. It drops down at either side of the trigger guard. A VERY handy ambidextrous feature to shoot left or right handed. Well renowned for Top Quality construction and materials as well as GREAT accuracy. This comes with a standard factory, unthreaded 24” barrel. The usual ‘butter knife’ bolt handle, QD sling swivel fittings and detachable vertical stack magazine finishes things off.

A standard 130 grain bullet is MORE than capable of taking anything ‘on offer’ throughout Europe. 20 years ago this calibre was widely considered to be ‘THE DOGS BO_ _OCKS”!


In reality there were only ever two things that contributed to it falling out of favour and fashion. They ARE one of the noisiest calibres out there. Where a .243 or .308 goes bang a .270 DOES go CABOOM. The other possible problem was the recoil. Some poorly designed rifles did not transfer the ‘THUMP’ straight back and into your shoulder. Or if you did not take a good hold of the stock you could and would get a good ‘reminder’. Either way the recoil could be NASTY. This often led to flinching and poor shooting.

The bonus of the calibre is that it is just about, if not, THE MOST FORGIVING round available. Even a poor or misplaced shot would still drop most stuff within a few yards. They can save many hours searching for and following a wonded animal. It was the ‘be all and end all’ calibre north of the border for many years. Currently un-threaded it can be done within a few days, in house if required.

Now, the fact is that anyone and everyone can have a sound moderator these days. They basically do two things. Cancels out both of the potential problems leaving the down range effectiveness in tact. I wonder just how long it is before the ‘media experts’ latch on and get around to promoting the .270 again. No doubt as the latest next ‘best thing since the wheel’. Newly re-discovered calibre ‘all singing – all dancing’ ‘MUST HAVE’ latest thing!