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Fixed 6 x standard scope, 1” tube with fine wire cross hair. Ideal for target, good light shooting, but may loose reticle in poor light when on a live target.

My favourite optics, sadly no longer produced. Reticles can interchange and it is still possible to have them replaced.

Fantastic QUALITY scope from one of the best German optics makers. Personally I rate these scopes with ANYTHING else available. All truely hand built and inspected too. Set to become UK importer it was a GREAT shame to learn of the untimely closure of the factory. That said repairs / spares are available so dont worry….not that they generally need any attention…they realy are that good.

95%+ condition

Ref: 034

Don’t forget the standard scopes have floating reticles.  – They still adjust and hold zero without issue. However adjustable mounts can help to keep things centred.


In my opinion amongst the best quality scopes ever made even taking into account modern day technology, design and machinery. Like for like Pecar rifle scopes are still comparable to the very best anything has to offer today. If another manufacturer suites YOUR individual eye better then OK. These certainly remain at the highest end of quality scopes even now.

All are HAND made. They were also personally inspected before dispatch. I WAS set to become the UK importer until Michael Schwartz / Pecar made the decision to close. With the prospect of a massive rent increase or an equally large investment to move premises things ended. Michael, not long enough away from his retirement to justify the costs, with sons in their own careers elsewhere, he had little option.

These are the only scope produced (and copy righted worldwide) to offer the owner an interchangeable reticle system. I do have limited numbers of replacement turret / reticle holders. It is also possible to get a replacement reticle installed depending on the preferred pattern. Reticle are only correctly interchangeable between the same models i.e. A fixed 6x should only be swapped for the same spec. reticle. A 4-10 with a 4-10 etc. The STANDARD models will NOT interchange with the CHAMPION and vice versa.

Be CAREFUL with tube size and mounts. There are many inch tube models but also many in 26mm body too.


All STANDARD  model scopes are fitted with a ‘ FLOATING ‘ reticle. That is to say the reticle will move off centre within the sight picture when looking through. IF the rifle and / or mounts are not well made and accurately aligned it can be unusual to look at.


All CHAMPION model Pecar have a centred reticle, regardless of adjustment (as most modern day scopes). This model scope has a central dot within a circle on the adjustment turret block for easy identification. In addition they are often detailed as such on the Ocular bell too.


I shoot with Pecar on all but one of my own rifles. In truth, I have NO PROBLEM if the point of aim is slightly out of centre. Personally I am too busy concentrating on holding steady to worry about a ‘perfect image’. A LOT are found with the old traditional German No1 Sniper POST reticle or slight variations. With a little practice they are just as accurate as most people are capable of. VERY easy to use, especially for a quick opportunity shot too. A GREAT shame these scopes ceased production. Anyone who used or still uses one will attest to their quality, clarity and use. NO, not for the main stream rifle shooter these days. However, for those who appreciate top quality, my advice is to certainly, at very least, try one.

There is a report of a rifle that was lost in the Alps for over 70 years. It eventually re-appeared at the bottom of a glacier with everything as you might expect. All ‘Red rust’ or worse, obviously no longer serviceable, the rifle was destroyed. However, the scope met a different fate. Removed and re-fitted to another rifle exactly as it was found it still adjusted and held zero under fire. Even after all that time, laid out in the open to all the elements could throw at it!

Not quite sure how ANYTHING else would perform in the same situation ?

I think you should be able to tell how highly I consider PECAR.