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MO3 Bolt Action .308 Win. Rifle BARREL ONLY  from Mauser, Germany.

23 ¾” (602mm) Barrel Pre- Threaded at 15x1mm Metric. RIGID Black Synthetic Stock giving a pull length at 14 ½” (369mm) finishing at 44 1/8” (1120mm) overall. Scales tipping in at 8 Lbs 4 ½ oz (3.758 Kg).

Personally I have NO IDEA why people consider these a ‘heavy’ rifle. To ME the MO3 is THE BEST Designed and Functional Take Down Multi-Calibre Rifle EVER commercially produced. With a little practice it is easily possible to change from an African Magnum calibre to a .22 centrefire in under 60 seconds. OK, for that you do need the Africa Action. This is a smaller ‘Standard’ calibre action but the same basics apply. In less than a minute you can be ready to shoot a completely different cartridge with guaranteed return to zero.

Another SUPERB feature is the safety, positioned to the back of the actual Rifle Bolt. As such more easily useable from either shoulder. However, location and use is secondary. Unless it is moved to the FIRE position there is ZERO tension on the Firing Pin Spring. As such the rifle can be dropped, kicked, thrown, knocked or trigger pulled and NOTHING. It cannot accidentally discharge as there is no pressure on the firing pin. Not until the safety is moved to Fire. You DON’T do that until you are in final position to take the shot.

The barrel is held in place by two Hex Head Machine Screws that are retained in the stock. As such you can’t lose them. It also engages / locks into the chassis so everything is 100% aligned and held Solid.

Yes, you do need specialist matching Mauser MO3 Scope Mounts and preferably a set for each calibre and pre-zeroed scope. No, they are not inexpensive BUT what is when its TOP quality design, workmanship and materials? Two levers simply lift and ¼ twist allowing the entire mount and existing scope to lift away. Drop in the next unit, already set up to whatever calibre, lock in and you are ready to start shooting.

To swap out from different calibre categories the Bolt Face is simply changed to suit. Held in place by tension from the Safety Lever at the back of the bolt. That also makes it near impossible to inadvertently lose. Take up part of the tension and the bolt face simply slides off the main shaft. Click the replacement back on and slide it all back into the action. Swap out the detachable magazine and that’s it. Start shooting in whatever calibre you just changed out to.

I can think of only one REAL reason why these rifles are no longer made.

Production costs would mean  retail prices at a level most people would shy well away from. Personally I think Mauser made a BIG mistake. I saw these at the initial launch / introduction at the IWA Trade Fair in Germany many years ago. Every day I found myself back at their stand admiring every last design and concept. Pretty certain had I been given the job of promoting / supplying I would have taken the market place. However, that was not to be so we will never know.

Hopefully you will be able to tell I became and still am a HUGE fan of the MO3 Rifle. While its here DO call in and take a look. HAPPY to show you exactly how good they are as well as how quickly they can swap out.

Included with the rifle is a Matching MO3 Scope Mount to accept a 30mm Tube with up to 56mm Objective. I HAVE an EXTREMELY Pretty and Oak Leaf Engraved Action Sauer 200 in the same calibre. Otherwise this WOULD be in my own cabinet. FARE WARNING!

Last little bit:

I took this in from a previous customer now sadly diagnosed with cancer. He tells me he cannot actually recall firing it. IF he did it was a very small number to set a scope up and no more. He, like so many of us, already had several other rifles. However his local RFD originally sold the gun Brand New to someone else. They came back inside a fortnight as it was supposedly too heavy. Again, they had mounted a scope and zeroed. It never went any further. The dealer offered such a good deal, temptation took control. He parted with funds and took the rifle home where it sat forever in the darkness of his cabinet. Only glimpsing light when one of the other guns was taken out or put back. (Sounds like a Walt Disney or Pixar job but don’t shoot me. I am just the messenger)!