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Over and Under Double Trigger None Ejector Boxlock shotgun from Marocchi in Italy. YES, OK, a double trigger and YES, OK a none ejector. WOW!

ANYONE out there who normally shoots ‘traditional’ Side by Side but wants / needs something in an over and under format? Anyone out there (like me) who forgets about the second trigger after using a single?

A double trigger Over and Under sorts that problem EASILY.

As for none ejector. Again WOW! OK have you usual multi choke ejector. Leave the chokes sat in or on your cabinet from the day you buy them until the day you sell. That is IF you can still actually find them. While you have the gun spend your time shooting it and either blocking the ejectors. …..OR scrabbling about in the undergrowth picking up  spent cases. In either / both situations I bet your GLAD you went for the multi choke ejector!

NOTHING more than a complete waste for the vast majority of shotgun shooters. MORE than happy to discuss it if anyone thinks they have a sensible argument.

Anyway, back to the gun. Standard format 28” (710mm) fixed choke barrels at ½ and Full restrictions. VERY HANDY 3” Magnum Chambers  and a ¼” (7mm) ventilated rib with brass front bead. The action is bright finished, completely covered in scroll work engraving with three small vacant banners. Each side as well as the base and ideal to engrave initials into. It also features a cross bolt lock up so extremely strong construction.

A Nicely Figured Stock at 14 ½” (368mm) pull brings things in at 45” (1143mm) overall and 7 Lbs 5 ½ oz. (3.328 Kg). The Schnabel forend is always a nice touch too.

Date letters of AN put this gun to a 1985 production. Given it is now over 35 years old and still in as clean a condition should give you a clue it has been cared for over the years.