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EXTREMELY RARE AND COLLECTABLE 1894M MARLIN Under Lever Rifle in .22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire). With a 12,000 MAXIMUM PRODUCTION ONLY between the years1983 and 1989. That’s WORLD WIDE and now 40 years ago. As such they are now EXTREMELY FEW and FAR between, IF you can even find one.

The first two serial number digits of 16 confirms this as a 1984 made gun.

Research on line shows the last one to come up SOLD retail at over £1700! On American forums SPECULATION suggests circa $1200 plus but none actually for sale. HOWEVER also bear in mind those shown all appear to be plain stocked with zero chequering.

Yes, this has been used but I would suggest only caringly. I consider the gun to be in EXCELLENT condition given its 40 years old in approx. 3months. ANY better and I would certainly include it in my ‘SLEEPER’ category.

Tubular High Capacity (10 round) Magazine Under Lever Action. The Hammer already fitted with correct After-market Side Spur to offer easy use once a scope is fitted. Weight detailed INCLUDES the Windage Adjustable Scope Base Rail currently fitted with 1” Rings. Most likely what anyone will want these days and the reason the original open / iron sights are missing. I will hopefully have a set to go on if you intend to shoot ‘old school’. If not then new will be available from Marlin. The rings will also swap out for matching 30mm options if needed too.

Rifle Spec. consists of a 20 3/8” (517mm) barrel set to a stock pull of 13 3/8” (340mm). Combined they bring in an overall length of 37 ½” (952mm). Weighs in (WITH scope mounts pictured / detailed) at 6 Lbs 14 ½ oz (3.129 Kg).

A Strong Straight Grain Straight Hand Grip Stock decorated with Extra Fine Lines per Inch Skip or Fox Cut Chequering. All Running right around to form 3 Large Diamond Pattern Areas to the bottom.

Safety is the Hammer at Half Cock AND / OR via the Cross Action Safety Pin.

As already stated, given the age this is. The minimal numbers ever actually produced. The Higher Quality Finish to woodwork. I CAN and WILL say without doubt you will be SERIOUSLY LUCKY to find another once this sells. Certainly in as good or better for original condition. IF you do I WILL suggest you waste no time at all. Pick your six numbers for any and all national lottery draws and buy your ticket QUICK. Your luck is seriously in so worth trying to keep the momentum going!

I won’t expect too much for the suggestion but 5% of winnings for the suggestion would work.

If I did not already have a rifle in this calibre this WOULD have simply gone to my own cabinet. It still might so you have been warned.