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9.3 x 62mm CLASSIC Bolt action Rifle from this GREAT Norwegian manufacturer, Kongsberg.

Their reputation, especially in and around Scandinavia, is second to none. Over the years several of their Well Respected and Much Sought After M59 F1 / similar Target Rifles have been here. They seldom hang around for long. That said there IS one of those currently in stock presently too.

This is one of their far more recent rifles aimed completely at the Hunting market and detailed as a Model 393.

It IS every bit as Nice and Classically Well Made, even more so, to appeal to a discerning game shot. Somewhat unusual is the relatively short barrel. At only 18 1/8” (460mm) it makes the rifle surprisingly compact. That said it DOES look 100% original, the finish still perfect at the muzzle. Who knows? Perhaps specially made for use in thick and heavy woodland?

CERTAINLY a SUPERB and extremely Hard Hitting calibre for Driven Game such as Wild Boar etc. Here in the UK even the biggest and toughest Sika Stag is not going to move far after taking one of these rounds on board! The finish is TOP quality and has an extremely deep and lustrous blue to both the barrel and action alike.

The Bolt has a Treble Lug Lock up so yet another sign of the Kongsberg Quality and Design. It features a Three Way Safety with Fire, Safe – Open and Safe – Locked positions and a push button to allow removal completely. Integral Built in Rotary Magazine. It features a Quick Release Catch to allow for easy unloading without having to cycle the bolt. Action has a factory machined Weaver / Picatiny rail to the top with drilled and tapped holes to take other style bases of preferred.

VERY Nice Quality and High Grade Walnut Stock with 14” (355mm) trigger pull length. A Raised and Roll Over Cheek piece sets off some Excellent DARK and Contrasting Grain. The Rosewood Forend tip and Grip Cap an inset with the Kongsberg Crown Logo.

Yet another rifle that has seen minimal use. This IS in excellent condition with hardly a mark to be found anywhere. It WILL make someone somewhere extremely happy. Overall the gun comes in at 38 3/8” (987mm) long and tips scales at 7 Lbs 9 ½ oz. (3.445 Kg).