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An early (First ‘run’) 12G Semi-Automatic Hatsan Escort 12 Gauge Shotgun. Another gun now for sale back in from Brian, my retired business partner. None of his personal guns saw a great deal of use. He generally had at least one from the business to take out and test fire before adverts were listed. Or making sure repairs for customers were functioning etc. Not was he lucky enough to get more than a handfull of ‘Red Letter’ days.

As detailed this is one of the ‘first edition’ versions that came into the country. (Serial numbers are certainly starting with 4, possibly 5 or even higher these days)? SOME would argue earlier examples are every piece as good and even better that their newer versions. Either way they ARE EXCELLENT guns for their lower end price point. They ARE, without doubt, the most popular, biggest selling and easily recognised Semi-Auto in the country. With minimal upkeep they will function flawlessly. As with ANY semi …. JUST KEEP THE THING REASONABLY CLEAN and it will very likely work as it was ever meant to.

The shortest barrel allowed at a straight 24” (610mm). A ¼” (6mm) ventilated sight rib with single brass front bead, 3” (75mm) Magnum Chamber and FULL compliment of Chokes. It also comes with additional contoured stock extention packers. I will find a choke key along with a spare piston washer if need be too. Black Synthetic stock and Forened so basically all but bomb proof. Ideal for restricted space sat behind a pigeon hide to help minimise the muzzle snagging on it etc. Stock Pull Length, Drop and Cast is all adjustable with factory shims and is currently set at 14 1/2″ (367mm). Scales tip at 7 Lbs 3 1/2 oz (3.272 Kg).

A GREAT Clean example I have zero doubt that this should last anyone for MANY years to come. Offer some GREAT shooting / Pest Control. Regardless of how much or how little. With Minimal care and attention. JUST keep it reasonably clean.