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Gun / Ammunition / Pistol Cabinets.

Black Diamond Series 10/14/18/24 Gun.                                                                     Gold Line 10/14/18 Gun.                                                                                                              Silver Line 7/10 Gun.                                                                                                                  Bronze Line 3/5/7/10 Gun.                                                                                     Economy Line 2/5/7. Gun Cabinets.

VARIOUS LOCK OPTIONS ARE AVAILABE DEPENDING ON WHAT RANGE OF CABINET. The exact spec. for each is detailed in the link at the bottom.

As with most suppliers these days prices can and do change, sometimes on a daily basis. They depend on many factors – not least are special offers direct from the suppliers. As such it is near impossible to keep a website and prices 100% accurate. Add to this the constant arrival of new models and specifications and things just got worse!

Please use the following link direct to the suppliers website. Here you can check directly for each current or new category.



Recomended Retail Prices shown are just that. We can often supply below these prices with trade discount and various suppliers offers.

  1. Some of the smaller, more basic cabinets will be subject to delivery charges – either direct or when collected.
  2. Larger cabinets have the option of delivery direct to your door. However PLEASE NOTE – that is it. Delivery drivers cannot assist in any way other than a basic delivery. Their company / employee insurance covers drop off ONLY. That is as close as is practical and to a ground floor location ONLY.
  3. Cabinets over 14 gun capacity come  with an internal, removable shelf system.
  4. I will always offer my best possible price and service, so please contact me to discuss.

Many of these cabinets are always on back orders before shipments even arrive. If there is one available buy it. Anything left is never available for long and the next delivery CAN be months away.

These cabinets fully comply and satisfy all current UK Home Office and Police requirements.

The larger cabinets from higher range models also come with free standing a shelf unit. These allow the cabinet a much greater versatility. If not needed they can be used along side or elsewhere as you choose. Also please bear in mind exactly what you need the cabinet for. The deeper options are to allow scoped rifles to fit inside easily. The additional depth gives ample room so the scope is not squashed when the door closes. If you will only ever have shotguns the shallower cabinets aremore than adequate. That said see below.

I ALWAYS RECOMMEND you buy as big a cabinet as you can. Jewellery. Valuables. Private papers. Surprise presents. ANYTHING you want to keep grubby fingers / nosey people away from. They always takes up any spare capacity.  You also usually end up with more guns than planned too!