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SUPERB condition and a VERY Bonny example .270 Calibre BSA CF2 Bolt Action Rifle. 23 ¾” (603mm) barrel screw cut to ½” x 28 UNeF. 14” (355mm) Pull bringing in an overall length of 44 3/8” (1125mm). Bare rifle weighs in at a Solid 7 Lbs 12 ½ oz (3.533 Kg) so a Nice weight for the recoil on this round. That said a Sound Moderator completely tames the two original ‘bad’ points of noise and kick. Leaving the SUPERB down range results the same as they always were. Its rare to see anything take more than a couple of steps after a 130gr hits home. Other calibres, even bigger, and you can often watch larger species of deer ‘disappear’ needing a search.

As things go I literally sold another one of these the week before this arrived. It went to a moorland keeper on the biggest estate in the County. He is getting 5 round groups all touching / inside each other at 100 yards.

PLEASE do not think you have to buy new to find accuracy. I often try to advise people that older rifles like this MUST be at least half decent. If not they would have seen a furnace again long ago.

As said, this generally in Excellent Condition inside and out. An Exceptionally Pretty Stock for a standard production gun. Strong and Straight Grained through the grip. The Superb Pattern and Contrast to the Raised Roll Over Cheek Rest and other side.

Higher Specification Double Set or Hair Trigger also fitted. BEFORE you balk they CAN be adjusted out of play so not really an issue. Though quite WHY you would not take advantage of the feature is beyond me. The ONLY thing you need to learn / know is how to disengage a Hair Trigger and its as safe as every other. The advantage is the potential to improve your accuracy Massively. Especially on hard recoil calibres but the same applies to any in reality. ****ALSO, YOU ARE NOT  going to set this by accident. Not unless you are a SERIOUSLY HAM FISTED GORILLA. It takes a deliberate act and sufficient pressure to set. Unlike the release once that is done.

Hinged Floor Plate Magazine finishes things off.