8X56mmR RIMMED / 8X56mmR M30S

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8X56mmR RIMMED / 8X56mmR M30S

HAND MADE (NDFS) TWO DIE SET for this OLD WW11 calibre apparently used by Austria, Bulgaria, Germany and Hungary!



We are always happy to source and order in new reloading dies and equipment and can even supply items for unusual, obscure and obsolete calibres. There are a few ‘odd balls’ in stock already if you take a scroll through. Some items listed as BRAND NEW may have had very minimal use. They certainly appear as good as brand new or actually are. Some may have an odd small blemish or mark and nothing else.

They should all function as intended but without suitable brass and heads they cannot be physically checked. Any problems they can come back for attention or refund, no problem.

Most have been taken in to stock in good faith. As long as people have been honest with me then all should be good. They will generally offer some saving against having a plastic cover to remove and throw away.

If you want ‘perfect, shiny and untouched’ then say so before purchase and we will supply exactly that.