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Pre-used Reflex T8 Sound Moderator. STILL one of the best performing units on the market for actually doing its job. OK, a bit on the big size compared to more modern options but still a great and popular choice. Thread is 14x1mm Metric and calibre designation up to .30. Tips the scales at 1 Lb 7 oz (657 grammes). Good general condition and easily kept that way with a LIGHT squirt of oil top and bottom once in a while. Depending on use level.


DO NOTE: Sending a sound moderator to a local Firearms dealer for collection will cost near enough the same as for a shotgun or rifle. You are also likely to incur a transfer fee from them too. My suggestion is to simply go direct to them and put in an order for things like these.

ANY and ALL Pre-used Sound Moderators I have should offer up perfectly acceptable performances. Certainly comparable to the equivalent model brand new. Given they are very likely to already be ‘carbonised’ internally there is every chance they will actually increase effectiveness. As with anything not brand new there is a chance they may well not last as long. However this IS reflected in the price. In reality, unless you are regularly spending hours on a range, there should be way over enough ‘life’ still there for the average shot.

The ONLY way to get maximum longevity is to dig that bit deeper and buy new. Happy to order those in where needed so just ask if you prefer.