26, September 2020

General news

A bit tired of gun listings. Still PLENTY to do as I start to get into the heavier / bigger calibre options. Plenty of others that have arrived in the interim too.

For a change I have done quite a few adverts for gun stocks. Sat here looking for a new home / lease of life. SOME will prove invaluable to whoever needs one. New and pre-used. Even those that need work can be refinished prior to sending out etc. with any work / costs agreed. Some may just like having a spare or synthetic option to swap over depending on shooting conditions etc.

KEEP checking in for these heavier calibres though. What air rifles that have arrived are now listed. Supplies ARE RUNNING OUT or GONE and only set to get worse.

Once the existing stocks of rifles get done its back to the MOUNTAIN of accessories!

In the mean time ANYTHING you need that you do not see listed by all means ring and ask. Worst case can only be a polite ‘no…sorry.’