6, November 2018

Breaking/ Stripping / Splitting Spares: Old Wrihrauch HW 97 K .22 Air Rifle.

I have a decent enough old HW 97 K in .22 (5.5mm) calibre that is now in bits for parts. This is an older model with the original ONE INCH / 25mm tube.

Get in touch for anything you might need. For a guide to prices take a look at John Knibbs and / or T W Chambers etc. They may well be able to help out anyway but equally they may be out of certain parts too!

The stock is in poor order but WILL do as an’emergency’! Main parts available will be the Recoil pad, Trigger guard, Main Spring guide (STEEL), good condition Titan main spring, Complete Trigger unit inc. screws and pins etc., 25mm piston as well as the tube with barrel AND the front lever catch.