In a perfect world, we would stock vast ranges of ammunition from a wide range of manufacturers.

Unfortunately, this is totally impractical …… when you look at the number of different companies who manufacture ammunition, then consider all the different calibres, bullet weights and types etc. it is simply impossible to have in stock everything, all of the time.

However, we do keep comprehensive stocks for the more popular calibres at competitive prices, and can obtain virtually anything else to order from virtually ALL manufacturers.

Of particular interest should be the full range of ammunition we carry as standard from Privi Partizan (PPU). We know from experience that this ammunition is consistent and groups extremely well ….. and  is VERY well priced!

Ammunition starts from £42 / 100, depending on calibre. (and for the home-loader):-

PPU large and small rifle primers @ £22.50 / 1000! As well as all other VERY competitively priced components including brass and bullet heads.

Custom, hand-loaded ammunition, specifically designed and tested to match your own rifle? –                   WE CAN SUPPLY THAT TOO!

We have the expertise, equipment and experience to customise ammunition to suit your rifle. Please contact us for details of this bespoke service. Also DO bear in mind that the initial load development time is quite extensive, DOES require your rifle and has to be factored in to the initial costs, as do reloading dies / equipment for your particular rifle / calibre. However, once this done the costs per round are competitive, given they ARE PURPOSE MADE and HAND LOADED.