SMK TH78D Thumbhole Deluxe 22 177 AIR RIFLE

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These Co2 powered air guns are BY FAR my biggest selling air rifle (and for good reason).
Since their introduction they proved fantastic value for money with exceptional performance. The general following they have gained with shooters is SO easy to see.   …. Just search YouTube and you find all sorts of aftermarket accessories. From cylinder caps to convert to a PCP to multi shot magazines and many other upgrades and individual touches. As well as masses of testimonials and praise.

They do have a massive following for such an inexpensive gun.  VERY light and with no full power spring to contend with. They are a great choice for youngsters and ladies (or anyone else) who may struggle to support a heavier  gun. At the price it’s no massive ‘loss’ to reduce the stock to a sensible length for smaller shooters too. (It can always screw back on as they grow)!


Powered by 2x12g Co2 cartridges you also get over 80 shots (I stopped counting) from each ‘charge’. For convenience, out ‘wandering’ carrying a spare 2, 4 even 10 cartridges takes up just about zero space and MINIMAL weight. CERTAINLY  massively easier than lugging a 300bar fill bottle or stirrup pump about to refill a PCP.

YES, in COLD weather performance can drop with fewer shots and reduced power. If it’s actually THAT cold MOST people are tucked up on the sofa watching TV. For those who are still keen and do venture out then put a cylinder conversion valve on and use it as a standard PCP anyway!

You also get choice of several models.

The XS78 is the starting point at £149.95. If you want a scope and the lowest outlay THIS is the way I recommend. Available in.177 and .22 calibre

The XS78QB comes with a gold washed bolt handle and trigger. It is fitted with fast target acquisition, high visibility fibre optic open sights at only £179.95.
However, if you want a scope fitting, in most cases, the rear High Viz sight needs removing. Given that is the bulk of the additional cost it can be hard to justify. If you want a sound moderator you lose the front open sight too!

The XS78TH Thumbhole stock version is still under £200. Basically the 78QB model but in a full size ambidextrous Thumbhole stock with adjustable height butt plate.

The QB78 TARGET model is fitted with a heavier stock. It features a bigger ventilated forend as well as thumb cut out, ergonomically cut for a right handed shot. These come fitted with a muzzle counter balance and run in at £219.95.

There is the model the QB78 Match. This is a side lever action rifle! Only available in.177.

NEW to the scene, their latest addition. The XS78 TACTICAL MULTI SHOT.
This is to be supplied in a Black Synthetic Tactical ambidextrous tactical style stock. It includes a bipod as well as muzzle weight / sound moderator.