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SMK / ARTEMIS M22 Bolt action PCP FULL power air rifles available in .177 (4.5mm) as well as .22 (5.5mm) calibre. A TRUE FULL size rifle with a apparently titanium air cylinders and a fully regulated action. The magazine also contains the indexing mechanism to keep everything as simple and consistent as possible in reloading. With a fully shrouded and sound moderated barrel as standard the overall length of 37” is similar to most other none ‘carbine’ rifles once a moderator is attached. The ambidextrous stock also allows shooting from either shoulder so easily used by left or right handed shots. Built in pressure gauge, a slick bolt operation and adjustable two stage triggers put this into a class way above its low level price range.

OK, the woodwork is not high grade but the spec. and performance of the rifle certainly lifts it several rungs up any ladder and if what you want is just a GREAT budget air rifle (for whatever use) where your primary concern is shooting and not how pretty it looks. As with most guns supplied from this importer they ARE budget but they are certainly EXCELLENT VALUE AND SUPERB QUALITY  for what you do actually pay. I will Chrono this and post details but one of the CR900w range sent 13/ .22 pellets through with the slowest at 598 and the fastest 603 ft/ sec. THAT is over 99% consistency…….. Consistency is the MAJOR factor to achieve to build accuracy on.

These also come with a complete set of brand new seals for any future maintenance all in the price!