SAKO 75 .17 Rem


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What appears to be a Sako 75, Size 1 action …. I am informed these smaller caliber actions did not get fitted with the ‘ Key concept ‘ locking bolt ( Thankfully ). The only real ‘bone of contention’ being where the blue has rubbed a little from a sleeve over moderator. The blue from the actual bolt handle is also a little worn but everything else is in excellent order for are rifle around 20 years old at least now.
This also comes with a drop out detachable magazine and in general looks like model 75 ….. HOWEVER research would indicate that they do NOT produce a rifle in .17 REM in the model 75 so it would appear this is another ‘ odd ball ‘ rifle ( like the .2 20 Russian I have here ) that was supposedly never produced ????

Anyway…it IS what it is and definitely stamped up as .17 REM !
Ill do more and update as and when.

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