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BRAND NEW 20G Semi-Automatic Hatsan Escort Shotgun. Standard format 26” Multi-choke barrel set to a matching Black Action in a 14 ½” (370mm) Black Synthetic Stock. Combined total length of 46 ½” (1180mm) ready to shoot and a light weight 6 Lbs 4 oz. (2.833 Kg).

Easily adjustable for pull length with additional profiled stock extension pieces supplied as standard.  Unscrew the recoil pad, add what is needed and refit the pad. Simple. Altering the stock cast / drop is marginally harder but again all spacer pieces come with the gun. Just FOLLOW the instruction manual supplied. A full set of 5 chokes as standard, including the one already fitted. These feature a ‘Fast Load’ Magazine / Action Floor Plate, magazine cut off and cross action safety. This is set into the trigger guard so easily operated with the trigger finger. A FULL 3 YEAR WARRANTY is now standard too. They always used to be 2. That additional 12 months could well prove its worth in gold for anyone doing a lot of shooting.

I actually ‘went off’ these guns a couple of years ago.

When they arrived from the importer they were basically filthy with residue from the manufacturer. Unpacking one you had to make sure you touched nothing else with plenty of old cloth to wipe it down. Then touch nothing until you could give your hands a GOOD wash. Taking a choke out felt rough to say the least. Again manufacturing dust / residue simply not under control in the factory.

I AM VERY HAPPY to find these issues do now appear to have been addressed. Minimal mess any more and chokes are a huge improvement. GREAT news as far as I am concerned. These Hatsan Shotguns ARE simply Fabulous Value for money guns. Yes, you do get the occasional problem gun. But that needs to be balanced against the numbers being produced and bought. Plus, as already stated, you get a 3 year warranty which is extensive and honoured.

Happy to once again promote them as is now evident.

ALSO PLEASE  bear in mind retailers buying in bulk DO get better trade prices. As such they can and do sell for less.