MAUSER 270 66 Bolt Action

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Classic Mauser 66 Sliding Action / Bolt rilfe in .270, a caliber coming back into vogue quickly. People say they dont like this type of action as it can be off putting as you bring the bolt back to load a second round ?
Ive yet to see anyone keep their face against the stock as they load a second round if they are busy watching the results of the bullet strike on whatever has been shot ( as they should ). Unless, of course, its paper.
These were, in effect, the first production inter changeable barrel rifles available and handle amazingly well. Compact, accurate and superbly engineered as all MAUSER Mauser rifles are this still retains good colour to the action and barrel.
Double set adjustable trigger to finish things off. Personally I like these rifles but agree you either do or dont.
Rifle £700
Rifle and Quick Detachable Railed scope mounts inc. £850
To include Z eiss 1.5 – 6 x 40 £1050
Scope separately £350.